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Harvest Moon® Almond Sunflower
Body Lotion



I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your almond lotion.  It is THE BEST moisturizing cream that I ever used.My 80 year old mother has very dry skin on her feet and I had tried everything from castor oil to the cream I bought from her podiatrist for $90.00 and nothing worked!  Her feet were so dry they would actually get cracks in them and this was a huge problem because her doctor was afraid she might get foot infections.  I was desperate so I tried the almond lotion and with in a few days her feet started healing and get softer and softer.  When I brought her back to the doctor he said "whatever you are doing keep doing it!"  And I am.  I am so pleased with this product.  I also had real problem with my hands 2 months ago.  The cold weather made my hands so dry I had cuts in them so I used the almond lotion and it worked beautifully on me as well.. I love this lotion and will continue using it.  THANK YOU SO MUCH HENNA HUT.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


Patricia in Florida


3 fl oz (88ml)

Harvest Moon Body Lotion

Harvest Moon® Almond Sunflower body lotion is ideal for the entire body. This lotion sets the highest standard when it comes to dry skin. Certified Gluten free for use by sensitive skin and Celiac disease sufferers. The use of almonds and sunflowers go back hundreds of years creating one of the best moisturizers Mother Nature has to offer.  Gentle enough to use daily but, effective on even the roughest of skin issues. No harsh chemical or strong fragrance scents in this bottle. Only the slightest of scents produced by the all natural oils used to make it.


Apply daily to dry areas as needed for soft healthy skin and younger looking eyes.  Use as often as needed. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Use as a natural under eye cream or body lotion.


3 fl oz (88 ml)





Almond oil

Sunflower oil

Jaiplhal (nutmeg) oil

Sandalwood oil

Olive oil

Aloe Vera

Soy Protein

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Hair dyes are marked
down 30% off!
Get two packs
for 19.96!

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