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Eyebrow Dye
Among the rule of beauty treatment, one says that whatever the color of the hair is shall complement the color of the eyebrow. For example, if the hair is a shade of black, the color of the eyebrow should be of a little lighter color, and vice versa. Some people have naturally matching hair and eyebrow color, but for those who do not, the use of eyebrow dye becomes necessary.


Henna Hut presents an eyebrow dye that is all natural and free of chemical ingredients. With Henna Hut’s all-natural eyebrow dye, you are assured of safe and dependable usage while getting the benefits of instinctive and innate beauty that only nature can give!

Having made from ingredients found only in nature’s sanctuary, we do not recomend any others.

Why Henna Hut’s Eyebrow Dye?


Henna Hut’s Eyebrow Dye presents numerous reasons as to why it should be presented against other products. Below are the following reasons:


  • It is all natural so it is much safer to use considering it is free of chemicals and other non-organic substances that may harm both the skin and the hair.
  • It is economical. It is way cheaper than the other eyebrow dye products so if you are in a tight budget, it will really be of great assistance to your finance and payables.
  • It’s allergy free so you should not worry about suffering from triggered allergic reaction.

 Henna Hut only wants the best for its customers, hence, the production of budget-friendly, skin-friendly, and hair-friendly products because above self-beautification and enhancement, safety should still be on top of a consumer’s concern… and that’s exactly what Henna Hut has to offer.

You can use any of our hair dyes for eyebrows.

Make sure if you use henna for eyebrows not for eye lashes. Make sure you always do a strand test to make sure of out come.  Apply thick not runny. Always wash eyebrows prior to application. ( gently using a toothbrush with mild soap works best).


Eyebrow Mixing and Application Instructions:

Always do a skin test first! Mix up contents in bag before use. Empty into zip lock baggy and shake.
Scrub eyebrow hair clean gently with a soft brush (tooth brush works great) to remove any oil or dirt. 
Your hair traps these oils and can prohibit the paste from really attaching.
1. Mix henna with just enough warm tap water (about 1/2 to 1 tsp of water per 1 tsp of powder) until you get a consistency of semi wet clay. You want it to be drier than normal so that it does not drip into your eyes. 
2. Make sure you wear gloves as the paste will stain your hands!
3. Apply the paste immediately to your eyebrow with a small brush 5. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
4. Rinse the paste out with water until the water runs clear. (an old toothbrush works great)
Do not wash with any soaps or shampoos for up to 48 hours.
You can use a regular hair pack (just follow instructions on this page) or you can use samples and get 2-4 uses out of it. Always do a strand test regardless by applying a small amount on the inside of your elbow. Harvest Moon Hair Dye ® is 100% Chemical FREE and 100% Vegan.
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Hair dyes are marked
down 30% off!
Get two packs
for 19.96!

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