Aloe vera natural soap
Ugliest soap bar we sell, but who does not love aloe vera?

Harvest Moon® Aloe Vera Soap- This soap has more benefits than any of the soaps listed so far! It is no secret that the aloe very plant has many uses and has been used for hundreds of years. It is beneficial when used on dry cracked skin and significantly helps to regulate moisture. This makes your skin healthy and shiny. It’s also been known to act as a skin shield to prevent dangerous toxins from entering the body through the skin. It is a very sensitive scrub and is extremely gentle use. It aids in burns, insect bites, frostbite, blisters, and even allergies. The list could go on forever.

Harvest Moon Aloe Vera Soap


Coconut oil, caster oil, glycerine, sorbitol, ammonium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, stearic acid, aqua, sodium benzoate, aqua, aloevera, seabuck thorn oil, burberry extract,natural fragrance,natural color

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