Henna Tattoo Designs

Here you will find free henna tattoo designs. Mehndi which is the art form of applying henna to the skin varies due to cultural background. Large, floral patterns on the palms of hands and bottom of feet are generally those of Arabic people. People from India traditionally use fine thin lines for lacy and floral designs which cover their entire hands and feet. Africans and South American Indians use bold, large geometric patterns. Mehndi designs or henna tattoo designs can be used in many ways. The more creative you are the more you will learn. Do not be afraid to mix match designs.

Since being introduced to the United States Americans have adapted the designs to their own cultural meanings and beliefs. You may see popular henna designs done as Chinese letters or even Hieroglyphics.

There is no wrong way to design your own Mehndi, just remember to have fun.