cucumber_face_mask_ezr2 types to choose from!

Lets face it, the day spa is expensive and sometimes traffic is just not as near fun as it use to be. Wouldn’t you rather call a few friends and have them over and do face mask and hair dyes while listening to your favorite music and drinking your favorite wine?

We sure would!

Our mud mask are all natural and pure. They work and they work well. They are super simple to mix and your skin will love it.
Go ahead treat yourself! You deserve it!

Henna Hut only carries quality products with quality ingredients. You will not want to try another mask, you will love ours!

We have 2 wonderful treatments and you can get up to 30 treatments per bottle.

Simply mix 1 tablespoon of powder and one of water. If you use milk, use 2 tablespoons instead of one.
apply to face with fingers. Do not get in eyes, only around eyes and nose. You can do your neck as well and you can do them as often as you like!

Cucumber Mask
Mint and Neem Mask

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