Strawberry Blonde Henna


Strawberry Blonde
Re-Usable Hair Dye Application & Root Touch Up Kit

Strawberry blond is a very light red, it is still 100% pure henna, but it has the dying elements of the plant mixed in with the non dying elements.

Strawberry blond is great for people with blond or white hair. It will not show up on people with dark hair at all. It is still a great conditioner for your hair, so if you have black or dark brown hair you can absolutely use it as a conditioner.

For those with white or blond hair first time around only leave it in your hair for 10-15 minutes.


1. Wash hair twice no conditioner

2. Mix powder with water and apply

3. Rinse and enjoy!


Yes its that simple!


You will never find a more natural strawberry blond ever! Harvest Moon? hair and beard dye is always fresh and always natural!

Do not forget your application kit!



100% Pure henna (staining and non staining part of plant)