2 Cones Are Better Than One!

Made At Time Of Order! Same Day!

Harvest Moon henna cones are fresh made only at order. You order it we make it. No day old cones, no month old cones, no year old cones. Fresh made by professionals at order. It does not get any fresher than that. You are not paying for a fancy package, you are getting the finest henna has to offer.

This is why they are a bit more expensive, however, you get 100 grams of Mehndi paste! That is five times as much as most henna kits.

Warning! This henna can stain you for up to six weeks! Make sure you use latex gloves when possible.

Super fine tips, non-cut, no pins, no needles, no dried tips. You will never find this anywhere else!

***Pre-Mixed cones are not available to ship internationally via First Class mail option***
Any orders placed with this option will be canceled and refunded back to the customer via their original payment method. The reason for this is that the cones cannot be sent in an envelope due to the nature of the product being squished.

Warning, if Harvest Moon® henna gets on you, this can be the result!

Henna tattoo of clover on palm
Super dark long-lasting henna tattoo paste from Harvest Moon