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About Infinite Earth

Hennahut.com is once again owned by Rod Harper, Infinite Earth as of July 2018.


Harvest Moon was born October 2006 and officially launched in June of 2007 By Rodney Harper, he pioneered the natural beard dye industry and re-invented the natural hair dye industry, with both investigative intuition and perseverance. We never copied anyone and only learned by our own experiences and research. We had never heard of henna hair dye or chemical free hair dye and came up with the idea while at a festival doing henna tattoos, when a lady walked up and said she did her hair with it. At that very moment a light bulb went off. Doing research he found no one was mixing any henna or indigo and basically sold it in a zip lock baggy and people had to mix it themselves – That was about to change forever.


It was when we started doing research that we found thousands of people with “secret” or “summer” recipes. This intrigued our curiosity and started the forward motion of what made  Harvest Moon® what it is today.

We also soon learned that henna is a perishable commodity and that a whopping 95% in stores was bad and even worse 90% on the internet was also in perish. This sent us on a quest to India that would never be the same.

After going through several hundred henna fields and growers, we learned many things that made great henna and horrible henna. The land needed nourishment and the powder simply could not set out over time.

Our mission was simple: Give people the absolute best highest quality henna regardless of how much it cost us. Help the planet and help those that are sick from chemical hair dye and cancer.

It took two years to find that quest and at 7 years later we have several suppliers and have a licensed trade mark in India and many other countries. This is and still continues to be the most challenging business in our lives.

To this date, owner Rod Harper has mixed henna over 2,000 different ways with other natural ingredients. His biggest goal is to help the people who have gotten sick from chemical hair dye and those that chemical hair dye is bad for them from the start. Another major impact is our planet! Millions of gallons and packets of chemical hair dye go down the drain each and every year. Our goal is planet and people awareness and the health of our customers.


henna-powderWe strive to the highest standards of customer service fast service and quality product. We answer all calls and with professional staff at the other end. We have lived in Texas for over 35 years and inventory over 1 million in products.
We use limited environmental packaging, no boxes for the simple reason we are tree huggers and animal lovers. Rod is the pioneer in packaging. Many companies have copied his example.

  • Our mission is simple, help save mother Earth, and get as many as we can off of chemical dependence and give the best service possible. We love our customers and love hearing from them. Our dyes and product are safe for the whole family and we plan on keeping it that way. Infinite Earth henna hair dye is the best henna money can buy