Henna hair dye effects different hair in different ways. Infinite Earth always recommends you do a hair strand test with a small portion of hair before doing the whole entire head.

The natural hair color plays a role in the color you will get. In the first 48 hours the henna will change to the color it will be for the months to come. Henna is a permanent hair color. It will grow out like a chemical hair dye. Chemical hair dye chemically changes your hair, henna bonds to the outside proteins of your hair. Henna can be chemically died after it has been in the hair for 3 weeks and some cases 3 months. Let’s say you henna your hair and you want to go back to chemicals. You can do so with in a week or even a few days with Infinite Earth Harvest Moon® hair dye. We cannot speak for others henna. We do no use chemicals in our henna and if you purchase it elsewhere and it does have chemicals, you can have a bad reaction. ALWAYS do a strand test. No matter if it is chemical hair dye or henna hair dye.

Henna hair dye is good for your hair and is a natural conditioner. It is safe for children, pregnant women and people that have ruined there hair over the years with chemical hair dye.
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  1. by Mary November 18, 2023 11:03 pm

    I have to choose ASH brown or my Clairol hair dye brings up orange

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