We do get a lot of henna hair dye or related questions! If you do not see your answer feel free to contact us. We eat, sleep, and breathe henna.

Whats the ingredients?
The page with the product you are looking at will have a link with the ingredients. A product like pure henna will have “pure henna” as the ingredient. Click here for a list of all colors ingredients back to top
Why does Harvest Moon henna work so fast? Why do I not need to leave it out overnight?
Henna is only harvested once a year (commercial crops sometimes twice). So we estimate 85% or more of the henna on the market is old. We seal ours as soon as it is dried and triple cloth sifted in dual pouches, one for UV protection and the other for air. These are henna’s worst enemies. Air and oxygen ruin henna over a very short period. Our henna is super fresh and last over 4 years if still sealed.  back to top
Should I use lemon?
No! Avoid using lemon if at all possible. Lemon is for doing body art or henna tattoos. Lemon has a lot of citric “acid” and will dry your hair. Lemon is not needed for any of our hair dye products and will ruin any other colors other than pure red-orange. Pure red-orange you can use lemon, but we do not recommend it. When doing henna tattoos do not use lemon from a bottle, fresh-squeezed only.  back to top
Why is my credit card not working?
If you are using a PO Box, try the number in front of the PO Box. Due to shipments being shipped to the wrong address, we now make the credit card match exactly to the billing address. If one number or initial is off, it will kick it out of the system. If you get a failed order or an “AVS” mismatch, something is off on your credit card. The money then goes into an escrow account and will go right back into your account within 24 hours usually (even though technically it was never taken out). If this is happening you need to call your credit card company and verify your billing address to the card with exact abbreviations and make sure your name is the same as on the credit card, middle initial, or no middle initial. Another thing that can happen is if you have an apartment number or office number, put this in the “second” line address. If this still does not fix the problem, call us and we will override the system. If you are unsure of your address we will not be responsible if the package does not arrive.  back to top
What color should I get? (our number one question)
You can mix and match our colors. Adding indigo or darker colors will make it darker, but please remember our dyes only go equal or darker than the color you start with, we have a lot more information on choosing a hair color here.
Natural red hair will become vibrant red.
The lighter, the brighter.  back to top
Does your henna hair dye have chemicals in it?
No! We do not add any chemicals to any of our products. You will notice you cannot go lighter with any of our hair dyes, only darker. Many of our customers use our henna because they have a bad reaction to chemical hair dye. It is always good to test a small spot out, but so far all of our customers have had no problems. Harvest Moon hair dye is a healthy hair dye! Most of our customers come to us after they have had an allergic reaction to chemical hair dye.  back to top
Will henna cover my gray?
Yes! That is what henna is for, well one of the biggest reasons! in the early 1900’s you could get a haircut, a shave, a bath and your hair/beard hennaed done for less than a quarter!
Gray hair can be tricky and in some cases may not work at all ( if the chemical dye does not work on you, ours might not either. Always do a test sample prior to applying henna or henna products, shampoo hair lines extra good prior to application for best results.  back to top
Can I use a cream conditioner after I rinse the dye out?
Yes! Just do not use shampoo for at least 24 hours. Some people’s hair gets tangled very badly and a cream rinse is OK. Yogurt also has been said to work as a de-tangler.  back to top
Is henna safe?
Yes. It has been used for thousands of years for many different cultures. It has finally made its way to the USA in the late 1800s and grows more popular each year. With the wake-up call on chemical hair dyes, more and more people are switching to henna and all-natural hair products.  back to top
What is black henna?
There is no such thing as black henna! Black henna is henna mixed with paraphenylenediamine (usually black hair dye), also known as PPD, and can burn your skin (leaving a scar forever) if left on to long, and do harmful damage to your kidneys. Use indigo for a black color. Indigo is in our food and it is used for dying many other things.  back to top
How long will my henna last?
Hair will last 3 to 8 months. Everyone one person is different and will experience a different amount of time. We all shed differently. Henna tattoo’s generally last about 5-7 days. Beards last until it grows out and is trimmed. Touch up roots as needed and then do the entire head or facial hair as needed, doing the entire head over and over can make the color darker and it is hard to lighten.  back to top
What is mendhi | mehandiI | mehandi | heena | hena?
Henna is also known as mehandi (various spellings) throughout most of India and Pakistan. Other names Include Al-Khanna, al-henna, Egyptian privet henne, Jamaica mignonette, mehndi, mendee, Smooth Lawsonia, heena, Hena.  back to top
How long does it take to apply the henna hair dye?
Hair takes 15-20 minutes. Facial hair takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply. You will get faster as you learn. Using henna is very simple and takes a lot less time than driving to a salon.  back to top
How should I store leftover henna?
After you open Harvest Moon Henna, simply pour the leftover powder into a zip lock baggy; squeeze out the air, and store in a dark place like a shoebox, cigar box, under a counter, etc. Your Harvest Moon hair dye will last for another 8-12 months.  back to top
What type of bowl should I use?
Any bowl will work, but a bowl that will not stain is good if you want to re-use it. Do not use a paper bowl, it will soak up all the water, plastic spoons are great and a glass bowl is best.  back to top
Can I use henna on my pubic area?
Yes! The carpet should always match the drapes “wink” “wink”. Henna is good for any hair! It rids split ends, dandruff, and makes hair thick, soft, and shiny! But, you do run the risk of the pure henna (natural red) staining the skin in private areas. Henna will stain for a week, indigo just a few hours. Your face will not stain long if at all, only a few hours if at all. Using Vaseline around hair-line can lead to serious stains if using pure henna. So we do not recommend it unless you have seriously dry skin.  back to top
I’m African American can I use Harvest Moon over a relaxer?
Will henna work on me? If you use a relaxer or chemicals on your hair, you will need to wait two-three weeks before applying henna hair dye. We can tell you it will be worth the wait! Also do not use leave-in conditioners or oil treatments. These will strip the dye and or keep it from working. If you have issues see our troubleshooting  back to top
I just dyed my hair blonde (or dyed my hair).
If you just dyed your hair or bleached your hair blonde and want to return brunette/black/red etc. it is possible. You may have to do a few applications to get the color back, but it will work better and better the more you use it. Henna binds to the proteins in your hair, after chemicals, the proteins are restructuring. Our dark brown on bleached blond will not be as dark, so you might have to do a second application or add indigo in the mix to make it darker the first time.  back to top
I just died my hair with henna and nothing happened.
The biggest reason people think it will not work is simply that they do not understand it does not go lighter. If you have black hair the only thing you can use is deep red, and it mainly shows up in the sun. If your hair is a dull black you can use pure henna, burgundy, deep red, or browns to darken it up.
If it is the beard, and you do not do the beard prep it flat out will not work or have poor results. Please follow the directions on the packet for the best results. A washcloth is not enough, a beard brush is ideal. Also, see our troubleshooting page  back to top
Your hair did not come out the color desired?
You can immediately wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner right after application to remove as much henna as possible if you are not happy with your end color. Just remember that the color will take 48 hours to settle and become the true color, especially for black. Make sure to apply indigo immediately after natural henna and wait 48 hours for the final color. Repeat as often as you like, henna is good for your hair. A strand test is best! Harvest fresh hairs, apply for 1 hour, rinse and wait 24 hours to see final color.  back to top
Can I henna my pet?
Good question! Yes, you can henna your pet. We have several that use henna on horses, one said that her horse got really mad when she approached him with chemical hair dye and got happy giddy when she approached with henna hair dye. Remember it is permanent! Pet hair does not grow like human hair; it stops at a certain length. So if you dye it, the color will last 6 months on most animals. Make sure you shampoo them good prior to application, Harvest Moon is cruelty-free. Learn More  back to top
Shipping Questions.
Infinite Earth™ is located in Florida and only ships via The United States Postal Service (First class, Express or Priority). Dealers are an exception for UPS. All rates are calculated for the contiguous 48 states at check out. All orders will be sent tracking information to the email provided. Express orders take 1-2 business days to arrive. We do ship the same day if ordered by 4 PM Eastern time, so you will get it in 2-3 business days. Take advantage of ordering more to save on shipping costs.  back to top
Canceling an order.
If you decide to cancel your order and it has shipped, you will need to return it at your expense (we ship fast), so if you change your mind contact us As soon as possible.  back to top
Returning an order (RMA).
Orders are only refundable if contacted within 30 calendar days from purchase. Please contact us via email or phone to get authorization. We will guarantee your refund processed in a timely manner.  back to top
Refunding payment for an order.
If you placed an order and we shipped the product to the provided address, you are responsible for the shipping charges, make sure to check your address before finalizing your order.
The post office will try to deliver the product; if it is too big to fit in your mailbox then a notice slip will be left notifying you of the package.
If the package gets sent back to us (refused/return to sender) by the purchaser then the re-shipping charges are customers’ responsibility.  back to top
Is it safe to swim after I henna my hair?
It is best to wait 24 hours and then make sure you rinse the chlorine out thoroughly. You can swim in pools or the ocean. Saltwater will not turn your hair green. Household water softeners can if they are leaking into your water. Make sure your water softener is not cycling during the day.
Swimming in chlorine is fine and will not harm the henna.  back to top
Why is my hair green?/red/blue?
The process for many colors is to turn green/red/blueish first. Overnight it will turn to the final color. Do not panic if you see green rinsing out, this not chemical hair dye and works differently. This is also printed on the directions. Do your hair when you are retired for the night. Once applied and rinsed, it can take 24 hours to change colors and will take up to 48 hours to get to the final color. Products like “It’s a 10 hair straightener” will turn it green. Also, see our troubleshooting page
Also, another thing to remember is many chemicals like hair straighteners turn your hair green and sometimes it is slowly over time.  back to top
Blue dye is rinsing out!
Indigo is “blue” and it is natural to see blue rinsing form your hair. Do not panic! It should change to the desired color overnight. Please be patient! Follow the instructions on the packet!  back to top
Can I do my highlights with henna?
Yes, you can do henna highlights. Remember henna only goes darker so if you have sections of your hair that are lighter it is safe to assume it will be lighter than the rest of your hair after you are done applying henna. You can also separate hair strands and dye only the strands a preferred color.   back to top
How much henna powder will I need to do my hair?
100 grams (standard Infinite Earth package) will do 1 to 3 applications depending on the length and thickness of your hair.
Boy cut hairstyle will use 1/3 (4 1/2 tbsp) of henna powder.
Shoulder length hair will use 2/3 (8 1/2 tbsp) of henna powder.
Mid-back length hair will use the whole package (13 tbsp.).
When in doubt, mix up a smaller amount. You can always mix more up as needed. Only pure natural red henna can be stored after using and used again at a later date. Other colors like browns will need to be thrown away. Store unused henna in a cool place, not the freezer. Room temperature is best.  back to top
My hair is turning orange or brass colored.
Usually, if you are using dark colors and it fades to brass or orange, it has to do with leave-in conditioners or other things being put in the hair. Leave in conditioner is not good for natural hair dye or your hair and strips the darker tones. Some gels will do the same. See our Hair Dye Trouble Shooting Guide  back to top
My hair turned purple!
If your hair or beard has turned purple it is usually because of alcohol. Aftershave, Cologne, beard balms, beer, or mixed drinks can stain it purple if you do not rinse it out. This is extremely rare. Sometimes distilled water will also turn it purple. Use regular tap water and follow our directions, not anyone else’s.
You can go over it with pure henna for 10-15 minutes and it will turn black/dark again. Also, see our troubleshooting page  back to top
My hair turned green!
Green hair is normal for the first few hours if you have gray and you are using any browns, dark brown/brown, or black. This is part of the process and you might even see red until it turns brown. It can take 1-48 hours to turn brown. Most of the time it will be brown by the next morning (2-12 hours later) so do not panic and give it time. The more you use it the better it will work. In extremely rare cases, other products can turn indigo (the major ingredient in browns) green. Flat iron gels are the only known cause at this time. 99.9% of our customers do not have this issue. If your hair is still green after 48 hours, shampoo twice with a clarifying shampoo and re-apply. With billions of hair products on the market, it is hard to tell how our products will react with other products. Please do a Henna hair dye strand test if you are not sure. Also, see our troubleshooting pageback to top
How do I lighten, or strip henna hair dye?
We have some sure-fire ways of lightening your hair, the first one is our newest update. Click here to learn how to lighten your hair dye naturally. back to top
Can I use henna over chemical hair dye?
You can use Harvest Moon or EarthDye brands over chemical hair dye. You can use chemical dye and then use ours right over it. If you choose to go back to chemicals, keep in mind darker colors can be harder to lighten Click here to learn how to lighten your hair dye naturally without using chemicals.
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How does your henna hair dye work?
Harvest Moon works by bonding to the protein in your hair. It covers your color, unlike chemical hair dye that chemically alters the color. The more porous your hair the better.Learn More.
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I am pregnant, can I use Harvest Moon hair dye?
If you are pregnant you and baby are very safe using Harvest Moon henna hair dye, it is Dr.recommended and safe for the entire family. I would also use it after you have your baby, great parents lead by great examples! Your hair will thank you as well as our planet. Learn More.
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How do you mix henna hair dye?
There are several ways to mix henna hair dye, depending on which color. Thicker is always better than runny. We recommend following our instructions on the package Here are several different ways to mix henna.
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How do you remove chemical hair dye or henna from skin?
Chemical hair dye is almost impossible, henna is easier. Here are a few ways to remove dyes from the skin.
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  1. by HennaHutProspect June 3, 2020 1:55 am

    If my hair normally picks up highlights in the sun, will it still attain natural highlights from the sun after using your light brown color?

    • by harvestmoon June 3, 2020 4:35 pm

      Hi! Sun will usually fade the color, if you have chemically treated highlights the color will more than likely come out lighter as well. If it is natural highlights then it might cover them completely, but more often it will come out lighter, keeping the highlights unless you do it a second time after 3-4 days.

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