The Best Henna Hair Dye 2024

  Henna hair dye, often heralded as a revolutionary product, boasts a rich history spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Ancient Egyptians employed this versatile substance for various purposes beyond just coloring hair. Furthermore, there’s a common misconception between henna and indigo (Indigofera tinctoria), the latter renown ...

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5 Ways to Being More Mindful of Your Health

Your health is undoubtedly one of the most important things that you need to take care of, being mindful of your health can lead to a much better and longer life. Sadly, it’s also something that often gets neglected. So if you find yourself taking your health for granted, you may be overdue for a change in lifestyle and habits. Thankfully, these ne ...

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Top 10 Henna Hair Dye Myths

Top 10 Henna Hair Dye Myths Henna hair dye information can be overwhelming! It is not complicated. The wrong information on the internet just makes it complicated! Our packets of hair dye come with super easy directions! Forget the rest! Just follow our step-by-step instructions! Tested and tried for 13 years! Henna hair dye has been used for so many ...

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Harvest Moon Natural Henna Extra Conditioning Shampoo

  Harvest Moon Natural Henna Extra Conditioning Shampoo BY RODNEY HARPER FEBRUARY 22,2020   Harvest Moon’s natural shampoo is paraben, sulfate, preservative, and gluten-free (certified). It does not color your hair and smells equivalent to a new leather wallet or purse. You will never find anything like it ever! It is exceptional for dry hair, ...

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Why Use Henna Hair Dye

Why Use Henna Hair and Beard Dye to Add Style and Grace to Your Beard?     From ‘lumbersexual to dandy wildman’ – thus GQ defines the transformation of the modern beard, sported by everyone from Bradley Cooper to Jake Gyllenhaal . While silver foxes are wearing their beards with pride, men who prefer their beards to match their hair col ...

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How To Make Your Henna Hair Color Last Longer

I’ve been doing henna hair dye now for 16 years, and learned a lot along the way, helping thousands of people get their hair in tip-top shape. I love getting feedback from different people and know the myths, and tricks of the trade. I have mixed henna with hundreds of different ingredients. One thing I never learned about was techniques to k ...

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Henna Hair Dye Mix

Will The Real Healthy Hair Dye Please Stand Up

You have been dying your hair now for more than 10 years and the proof is more than in the pudding, it’s on your head, or maybe you are feeling it on your face if you are a man. With all of the toxic chemicals in hair dye and easy access to the internet, you have found the one site that can help you more than anyone. It is about time your hair matt ...

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To Wrap or Not To Wrap

Should I Wrap My Hair After Doing Henna? I always get the question should I wrap my hair with saran wrap when I apply henna? The answer is nothing miraculous, just test and trial of doing hundreds of heads and talking to thousands of people using henna hair dye. It is a long story, however in my years of doing “henna” I was doing tatt ...


Lighten Your Hair Naturally In Less Than 48 Hours

  I have been testing and learning about henna hair dye for over 12 years. The minute I learned about henna I was hooked. Over the years I have achieved amazing goals and set new standards. I never stop learning and most of the time I learn from my customers. Harvest Moon has sold over 500,000 packs of natural hair dye over the years with no si ...

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