Natural Black Hair Dye

Comes with one packet pure henna and one packet of pure indigo

Black Henna Hair Dye
Is our only two step process that guarantees you get Jet Black every time!
Some can get away with a one step
by mixing 3 x Indigo to 1x Henna
100 grams Pure Henna (Red Orange)
100 grams Pure Indigo

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Re-Usable Hair Dye Application & Root Touch Up Kit
Re-Usable Hair Dye Application & Root Touch Up Kit

Hair Kit Comes With :

  • Latex Gloves
  • Shower Cap
  • Hair Clips
  • Application Brush
  • Root Touch Up Cone

Our Jet Black henna hair dye is a two step process. You first have to do an application of pure henna; this will give your hair a red/orange color. Once you rinse out the henna paste you then put on a second application of the pure indigo paste. This will get you a Jet Black color every time. It can take up to 48 for the color to darken into the jet black so give it a chance to gradually change.


Lawsonia Inermis ( 100 grams Henna)

Indigofera Tinctoria (100 grams Indigo)