I had actually just cut off all my hair to get to my natural color, as I was pretty sick and tired of chemical dyes.
Then my best friend found your site and placed an order. As soon as I got to see her next, and feel her hair I knew that I should place an order! So I did, and I bought extra for later, and some for my mom.
here is my first application, I had natural medium (although it shows to be darker in the pictures,) brown hair to work with. there were a little bit of natural sun-bleached tips. I used your red henna. it came out awesome!
I have much shorter hair than the rest of your testimonials, so I used only 50grams (half the package,) and 3/4 cup of hot tea.
You took my payment swiftly, and shipped quick! Needless to say, I plan on making more purchases with EarthDye! THANK YOU!


Before using deep red on dark brown hair with highlights
Deep red shows on highlights with dark brown hair






K.B. Albuquerque, NM
Natural Deep Red Hair Dye