Hey Rod, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. Chemical hair dye really burns my skin and I cannot use Just For Men. One day at the mailbox my neighbor (who has very bright red hair), said she had a pack of strawberry blond as it was to light for her and gave it to me.

Apparently my hair came out a bit more gold which matched perfectly! Half my beard and hair are normally white/gray and I read somewhere on your site if you shampoo with Grandpas Pine Soap, it will keep it a golden color. You cannot even tell I have done anything! It looks so normal it is crazy and I am a customer for life. My hair has never felt so good and the women are absolutely loving my campfire smell from the soap.  Thank you for taking the time to help me and thank you for such a wonderful product! I am telling everyone I know!

after using strawberry blond
After using strawberry blond with Grandpas pine soap.


Ray  E