UPDATE August 5th, 2018:  Everything is going smoothly. All orders are being shipped on time the same day, if by 4 pm and 12 pm on Saturday.

I have talked to hundreds of you and cannot tell you how happy I am with your kind words! I missed you as well! I am absolutely ecstatic to be back, and the website is being updated daily.

The 30% coupon code is running for about a week longer. All orders include gloves now. 1 and 2 packs. You can also order first class. Lots more to come!

Looking forward to helping you all!

Rod Harper


Dear Former Moondye, Inc (Henna Hut) Customers,

I hope this letter finds you and your families thriving.   My name is Rod Harper, the original founder of Henna Hut/Moondye, Inc, brand Harvest Moon hair and beard dye. I’ve talked to thousands of you via email or over the phone over a 10-year period. Many of you have been with me since the first day back in 2007. 

Moondye, Inc has exited the dye business. Infinite Earth has purchased its assets and will resume providing high-quality nature dye products as quickly as possible. Our website can be found at: www.hennahut.com. We are shipping on the same day.

To provide some background, in January 2016, Henna Hut, a company I founded and built, was taken away from me pursuant to a divorce settlement. I was devastated not only because ten years of work were gone but also because I absolutely loved my job and helping all of you.

Over the past two years, I monitored the reviews and myriad complaints about Henna Hut on social media and at the better business bureau. Having built the company around superior customer service, it was incredibly painful to see long-time customers mistreated and unhappy.  My unhappiness was amplified by the fact that Moondye, Inc was still using my old email address and retained my original recorded messages on the business phone line and my videos on hennahut.com.

I know many of you have had issues with Henna Hut after I left.  Those issues will be eliminated because, as of July 23, 2018, I have assumed ownership of the former Henna Hut (Moondye, Inc) assets and domain name.

If you have ordered a product before July 16th and it has not been received, you will need to dispute the charges (PAY PAL OR Credit card) as soon as possible!  The card charge information will be under Moondye, Inc.   As to the reasons for the dispute, you should specify: “Order Never received, no response from the company.”  This should result in the charges to your cards being reversed.

I cannot stress how horrible I feel about what has happened.  We are working diligently around the clock to get organized and ensure new shipments are sent out promptly.  We are shipping the same day, even Saturday. If you order by 4 pm Eastern time, it will go out the same day. All orders after that time will be shipped the next day.

Moondye’s business practices after I left were completely unacceptable.  I will do everything in my power to restore your faith in the business and make sure this never occurs again.  Rest assured, your happiness forms the foundation of a great company.

We are shipping orders placed on July 16th and forward (even though we will not profit from orders placed between July 16 and July 23rd). If you ordered shampoo or under-eye cream at any time, you would need to seek a refund.  We will respond to your phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.

It is great to be back, and I look forward to meeting your hair and beard dye needs.

Best Regards,

Rod Harper

Infinite Earth
Largo, Florida