I know many of you want or need the shampoo. Shampoos are very expensive to make and import from India. One of the reasons she let it go was because it was not very profitable and a lot of work.
What I am willing to do is “pre” bottle it in India and have it shipped in by Ocean freight. I would like to start a “Kick Start” program to get the shampoos back in stock.
Sign up below and check the box for the shampoo you would like to purchase and enter your name and email.

When and IF I have enough people to sign up, I will notify everyone and let them place an order for just above cost. The more I purchase the better the discount, once I see how many people sign up I can set prices accordingly and set it up on the website.
Normal prices on shampoos are 19.98 a bottle. The Kick Start program will be no more than $15.00 a bottle and as low as $10.00 a bottle (depending on how many sign up) to get things going.

The hard part is it will take 2 months max to get the shampoos by ocean freight. So, you will have to be patient. As soon as they arrive I will ship them out. They must clear customs, FDA, EPA etc. Shampoos take a lot of extra effort, but as you know they are worth it. Once the order is placed I cannot refund any orders. 100% of the money will go towards stocking shampoos again.

If I cannot get enough people to join this program, I will let everyone know. Meanwhile you will not pay any money UNTIL I have enough people agree to the kick start program. It is not a big goal, but a goal of $5,000.00 to get started, of course the more that sign up the more I will order.
When the program is over the prices will go up. You can save 40 to 50% if you order when we launch.
Harvest Moon had over 5200 people buying shampoos and conditioners. I do not see a problem getting it going.

If you have any questions please call or email

Be Well,

Rod Harper


[email protected]