Bakers Dozen Cone Kit

13 Professional High Quality Super Fine Empty Cones with Henna and Oil
“This aint your cheap cones you find on the corner store. These are professional grade and long lasting.”

Why 13 cones? Just in case you mess one up! These professional high quality cones are super fine tipped,not cut. They fit in your hand and feel good and comfy like they should. Our henna is the highest grade you can possibly get and will release in 15 minutes with good old tap water.

Add a half bottle of Shelly oil and it only gets better.Super fast and dark staining, you can’t go wrong with this incredible henna.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Buy it today, we ship it today! Monday-Friday.

  • 13-50 gram professional high quality super fine cones ( cut to your desire, not theirs!)
  • 100 grams of the worlds greatest henna powder. Stains in less than 15 minutes (one hour is perfect mind blowing!)
  • Free Flash Henna Cone Filler!
  • 6 ML Shelly Oil (perfect henna every time with 0 lemon!)
13 henna cone kit

13 cone henna tattoo kit

Free Henna Cone “Flash” Filler!

Buy it today and we will throw in our Secret “Flash” filler for free! This unique one of a kind henna cone filler will allow you to fill 12 henna cones in less than 5 minutes with 0 mess.

This offer is for a limited time only and this product is the only one of its kind. It is reusable and will give you so much happiness you will never fill any cones the same again. Designed by founder Rod Harper, November 1, 2012 the name says it all.

BAQ Henna powder & Empty Henna Cones – bakers dozen (13)