Free Henna Cone “Flash” Filler!
Buy it today and we will throw in our Secret “Flash” filler for free! This unique one of a kind henna cone filler will allow you to fill 12 henna cones in less than 5 minutes with 0 mess.

This offer is for a limited time only and this product is the only one of its kind. It is reusable and will give you so much happiness you will never fill any cones the same again. Designed by founder Rod Harper, the name says it all.

6 Cone Kit (professional high quality), 100 grams, 1- 6ml shelly oil, flash filler


The 6 shooter comes with all the same stuff as the 12 shooter. High quality, super fine tips, non leaking henna cones that are hand rolled.

With 100 grams of henna you can make 6 40-50 gram henna cones.

6 Empty Cones
1 Shelly Oil
100 grams Pure BTBAQ Henna
1 Free “Flash” Filler

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