I will not lie… I was afraid to use ANY more hair color. Chemicals have turned my head into a lifeless broom. So I started researching chemical-free hair dyes and came across EarthDye. I ordered light brown because I am used to having highlights and didn’t want to turn out too dark. The after picture shows the color just after rinsing and drying it and again after 24 hours. I was pretty amazed that it wasn’t all a solid shade. It had a lot of variation and depth. There are still plenty of highlights and low lights now… It is a bit redder than I would like but understand that the true color can be determined after 24 hours. So if some of the red lessens I will be thrilled with the color. The application was simple enough and I left it on for 45 minutes. All of my grays are covered! So now I will record how long it takes for me to have to touch-up. (I only used a bit more than a half the packet for my hair.) I will surely buy this product again and do recommend it. Especially to those hoping to get away from the chemical abuse of traditional coloring products!

Gray hair before using light brown henna

Karen with damaged gray hair prior to
Harvest Moon henna hair dye.

Karen's hair was natural after using Harvest Moon hair dye

Karen with repaired hair after using henna hair dye