Harvest Moon Hair Dye is by far the best henna available on the market. It is gentle on the hair, unlike some other brands I have tried which actually caused my hair to start falling out. The dye from henna actually coats and protects the hair shaft whereas chemical hair dyes physically alter the structure of the hair causing permanent damage, split ends, brittle and dry hair.

I have found the Harvest Moon hair dye remains true to its color on my hair for 6-8 weeks. Any new gray hair growth (in between treating my entire head every 6 weeks) only requires a quick touch-up and only at the sight of new growth. My hairdresser told me that since I started to use this Harvest Moon, my hair is extremely healthy with no split ends, and with exceptional shine. Chemical hair dyes should not be used by anyone now that all-natural henna hair dye is available in so many shades from Henna Hut. The risk of cancer and chemical sensitivities which can lead to acute allergic reactions requiring life-saving emergency treatments in susceptible patients should be enough to warrant discontinuation of their use by the general public. As a physician, I have seen and treated patients who developed life-threatening respiratory reactions from chemical allergies from chemical dyes. One cannot always determine safety by doing a skin test, as the amount of the chemical applied to the skin is so small that it may not lead to a reaction until a larger amount is applied to the hair.

I would urge anyone reading this testimonial to please try the Harvest Moon hair dye and switch permanently to this method from chemical hair dying. Not only will your hair be more healthy, but so will you.  Give Harvest Moon Hair Dye a try and I guarantee you will not go back to chemical dyes ever.

This testimonial is completely unsolicited and reflects my own professional opinions as an MD.
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H. Singh, MD (North Carolina)

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