100% Natural Beard Dye, Zero chemicals.
Harvest Moon natural beard dye is made from plants specifically for men that are allergic to chemical beard dye.
Get more with Harvest Moon, 1 Pack does over 30 Goatee’s and works on all hair, side-burns, eyebrows, privates and the beard. Save what you do not use for the next application.

It works on any type of hair, regardless of the type of person you are, or the color of your skin.

It is permanent and will not smudge. This is not a Mascara!
Founder Rod Harper set the foundation for natural beard dye several years ago and was the first to make it available to men. Watch out for copy cats!

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Any of our colors work on facial hair and regular hair- regardless of race! Our dyes work on big beards, little beards, mustaches, side burns, eyebrows, the hair on your head, your wife’s head and daughters head. Fact; it is safe for the whole family! Light brown, brown, dark brown, orange, red, deep red, burgundy, mahogany or black and new strawberry blond.

If your hair is black, but not jet black, you might want to try dark brown first OR get black and mix your own dark brown, that way you will have the black to make black if the dark brown is not dark enough. (2 birds with one stone)

Learn how to use black as a one step process.

Things to be aware of when buying all natural beard dye products:

1. How much are you getting?
2. Are the ingredients listed?
3. Do they have a phone number?
4. Where is it imported from and or made?

5. How long have they been in business? Don’t let a fancy website fool you!

Dying Your Beard

Dying your beard does not seem like much, but after all the phone calls with men having allergic reactions to chemical hair dye we decided to do something about it. Harvest Moon® natural beard dye is an awesome inexpensive alternative to chemical beard dye. You apply it almost the same way and it is permanent.

We have heard horror stories of men’s faces blistering up with chemical dyes. Do not risk it! You can dye your beard or goat- t light brown, medium brown, dark brown, red, red/ orange, black or mix them to your liking’s.

I personally use it for my goatee and will for as long as I live. It looks natural and makes me look younger.

The greatest part is 100 grams will last you several months! That puts the cost at less than $1.75 a month to have a beautiful colored beard!

Here’s to a healthy natural beard!

Harvest Moon Natural Beard Dye Blends With Your Color Before And After

Before using Harvest Moon natural beard dye
Before Harvest Moon Natural Beard Dye

Dave after natural hair and beard dye
Incredible after using natural beard dye

See my before and after pictures



How To Mix And Apply Harvest Moon Beard Dye


Some other companies dyes may contain a natural
substance but they also may have harsh chemicals included

in low doses. Harvest Moon Beard Dye ® is 100% Chemical Free! Alcohol Free and Compound Free! It Is Made From Plants!


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Things to be aware of when buying all natural products:

1. How much natural beard dye are you getting?
2. Are the ingredients listed?
3. Do they have a phone number?
4. Where is it imported from and or made?

If they aren’t telling you they have something to hide!

Buy Henna Hair Dye

Watch out for companies stating their dye is all natural. Read there ingredients!

Harvest Moon is not only great for facial hair, it works on your hair as well. We specialize in natural hair dye and beard dye.

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