Looking for a jet black hair dye? How about a black henna hair dye with a wicked twist? One that is permanent and actually good for your hair! I hope you are paying attention because you may be young and have that perfect scalp and hair, but if you are a regular user of chemicals, odds are, by the age of 30 you will start to have issues. By age 40 dandruff and maybe other scalp conditions and by age 50 you might just give up hair dyes all together.
Not with our black hair dye! Harvest Moon black hair dye is actually great for your hair and your scalp! It comes from two plant substances, henna and indigo.
Harvest Moon black hair dye is organic and 100% natural. NO CHEMICALS and it is a permanent hair dye on top of that. It is safe for animals, pregnant mothers and cancer patients.
Do not wait until you have problems, stop them before they start! It took 50 years to figure out that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. How long do you think it will be until people figure out putting bleaches and ammonia on their head is also bad?

Chemical-Free Black

If your hair dye even contains a small amount of ammonia or bleach it is still bad. I had a friend that said he only smoked a few cigarettes a week. Does it matter if it is one or 100? NO! It is still bad for your lungs. So do not be fooled by adding vitamins to your ammonia or bleach! Ammonia and bleach is still bad for you regardless!
Our black hair dye is good for you! Now repeat after me: Henna and Indigo are good for my scalp and hair!
Henna does many things:

    • Reduces dandruff and itchy scalp
    • Ends split ends
    • Makes hair thicker and more manageable
    • Rids tangles
    • Makes hair thicker
    • Leaves hair shiny and beautiful
    • Leaves hair color looking natural



Indigo is used for blue jeans and food coloring FD&C Blue No. 2 in the USA or E132 in Europe. It comes from a plant called genus Indigofera, or from woad (Isatis tinctoria) and dyer’s knotweed. Most other Indigo is produced from synthetics.
Henna will bind to the proteins of your hair, not destroy them or replace them. Once the henna has bonded, it will created a red-orange color. Then you simply apply the Indigo as soon as it is mixed and it will bond to the henna and create a gray slate color at first. Then it will slowly change to a black overnight and then a deeper jet black.
Some have a one-step process we recommend a two-step process. The more you use henna and indigo the longer the dye will last. This is usually the fact of all of the chemicals leaving your body and your hair having more protein to bond to.

Try our natural black hair dye today as your hair deserves the best!

Before using Indigo on red hair
Before -use indigo to achieve jet black hair

After using indigo to get jet black hair
After using indigo

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