What does body art quality henna (BAQ) mean?

You do not need a PHD in henna to understand it. With so many people on the internet making statements on henna it really makes the individual scared as far as what henna is.

Body art quality henna also known as BAQ (B.A.Q.), is simply good fresh henna in a fine powder form used for temporary tattoos. Harvest Moon henna is triple sifted with cloths for the finest henna powder available and succeeds BAQ henna, in fact it is BTBAQ (better than body art quality) henna. BTBAQ henna is the absolute freshest henna you can find. Henna tattoo artist love it because it always leaves a dark stain, and it is ready within an hour with out mixing any extra special ingredients. If you want a dark brown staining henna tattoo, all you need to do is mix black walnut extract in with the water when you mix it. Other than that, you only need to mix with water, fill your cone or application bottle and do your tattoo! The stain will be very orange at first, then turn much darker over a few hours. This is especially helpful if you are an artist doing a festival and run out of premixed henna, or you get a last minute gig doing a party or event. Nothing is more embarrassing than mixing up your henna and doing a party and nothing happens when they remove the dried up paste. The biggest tattoo artist trust Harvest Moon, because of quality and consistency.

Henna was discovered after working in the fields as far back as the 19th dynasty. What they discovered is that when the palms of the hands became stained it lowered the body temperature several degrees.

It soon caught on, and later became a traditional body art on the palms of the hands for marriage ceremonies in India and surrounding countries and still is to this day.

Henna in most cases, is harvested once a year in October and in some commercial cases, twice a year. If it is harvested twice a year the soil is depleted and not as nourishing, so the quality of the henna is not as good and in most cases will not work for body art but will still work for the hair.

Harvest Moon henna from Infinite Earth is not commercial and is not sold in chain stores. It is triple sifted and stored in 2 ply packets (for UV rays and Air) and packaged immediately so it stays super fresh and stains without the need of lemon or other additives. It is ideal for hair and body art, however for body art you can use Shelly oil for faster and darker stains. Oil or lemon is not needed with our hair dye and can counter effect hair dyes with indigo in it. If you are using BTBAQ henna, you really need to exfoliate the area of application prior, then use Shelly Oil on the location, then apply the henna. Some artist mix henna with sugar and oil to keep it from drying to quickly on the skin. Harvest Moon henna tattoo powder will stain the skin so fast you will make it easier for both you and your customer. The longer they have the paste on, the better the chance they will smear or smudge it. If this happens they will have that smudge tattooed on them for a week or two.


  • Fresh henna works faster and better!
  • No need to let it sit out over night to release!
  • No need to leave it on for over an hour!
  • No tea is needed!
  • No coffee is needed!
  • Just mix with water and apply!

Fresh henna is the best henna. So many do not use airtight containers and this ruins it rather quickly.

So body art quality henna (BAQ) is not a “real” word, there is fresh fine-sifted fresh henna and non sifted old henna. You want it fine-sifted so it will work with henna cones and applicator. It is also easier to wash from the hair.

The color of the henna varies and does not make a difference in the quality. Higher lawsone content means darker henna, however it does not mean better quality or fresh henna.

Always store your henna in a zip lock baggy, squeeze the air out, and store in a dark place. Henna absorbs UV rays like a sponge. If it is in powder form under the sink or in a shoe box is perfect. Airtight is the biggest factor. Some people recommend in refrigerator, however refrigerators can build moisture and ruin the henna. If it is already mixed it is OK, but airtight, sun-tight pouches are best.

Henna begins to go bad like an apple or banana does. It needs to be sealed from air and sun, but not stored in the freezer.

Why Harvest Moon Henna does not need to set out over night

Fresh henna does not require to be left out overnight and does not need stay on your hair for over an hour. If henna is not packaged immediately it will go bad and the older the henna the longer it must set out on the counter to “release” the dye. Fresh henna will release immediately. Using lemon dries out the hair from the acid and is not required with fresh henna. Most companies do not seal the entire crop. They only do it as it is needed because it is costly. Henna will go bad over a short period of time if not sealed from air and light. Harvest Moon is just as fresh 5 years later as it was the day it was harvested. Once the package is opened just seal in a zip lock baggy, store in a dark dry place and it will stay fresh for 6-10 months later. Body art quality henna is also crucial in creating a quality henna hair dye that is fast and effective. This what makes Harvest Moon the best quality chemical free hair dye on the market today.

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