Our henna oil is essential oil or mehndi oil. The oil is used to get make henna much brighter red orange, also known as Sunset Orange.  Mixed with our henna you will be able to have a dark stain in an as little as 30 minutes!  Shelly oil is comparable to tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender oils accept it has a wonderful smell of pure lemon oil.  Shelly oil the only oil Henna Hut will use when mixing, applying or removing henna from the skin. Shelly oil for henna is a secret blend. It works Incredibly well and only a small amount is required.

Recommendations: Our Shelly Oil is 800 times more powerful than any henna oil on the market. when used with our henna you can produce a henna tattoo in minutes! For using with pure henna on the hair , just use a few drops. Other wise use entire bottle per 100 grams.

Use with pure henna to pull a much brighter red/orange. If you are looking for red hair dye, our red dye would be more sufficient with out the use of Shelly Oil.

You only need a drop or two (small teaspoon) If your hair is really dry and damaged you might want to consider using pure henna first and then using “red” after. You can use henna or red as often as you like. Harvest Moon is healthy hair dye. We only carry Shelly oil so you would have to look other places for other oils. Other oils are not recommended.

Do not use Shelly oil with indigo. Shelly oil can cancel out the effects of indigo, so you do not get the dark color.

For use with pure red orange only!

6ml Henna Oil

Reg. Price  $7.00
Sale Price  $2.95


6 – 6ml Henna Oil

Reg. Price  $42.00
Sale Price  $12.98


12 – 6ml Henna Oil

Reg. Price $84.00
Sale Price $18.98


Henna Oil, Essential Oil, Shelly Oil

For a faster brighter stain, use Shelly Oil with pure red orange.

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  1. by Lydia March 3, 2023 10:58 pm

    I understand this is a secret blend, but my husband applies my henna (just used your henna for the first time and we are both so impressed) and is allergic to tea tree oil. Could he use this product or would it cause irritation? Shukriya!

    • by harvestmoon March 8, 2023 3:43 pm

      He should be fine yes, ours has no tea tree oil in it. You do not need the essential oil, this is mainly for henna tattoos.

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