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We love online orders! Protect your credit card information while helping us. We love you all, but with so many calls it is hard to take orders over the phone. If  you are calling for any other reason make sure you leave us a message and we will call you back. We do not want you to feel guilt, especially if you are having a hard time ordering online. if this is the case we will take it over the phone. If you have a heavy accent, please try and order online, this helps insure you get your product quickly.

Please look over our frequent asked questions before you call.  Most of the time you will have your answer.

Frequent Asked Questions:




I did not receive my order: Answer: If you did not receive your order please fill out this form with your order information. Name and email on order and order number (if you have it).

Can I pickup at your facility: Answer: We are not a brick and mortar at this time. If it is a dire emergency and you are near Spring Texas call us and maybe we can work something out.

It has been over 3 days since I ordered: Answer: USPS has informed us that first class can take as long as 10+ days in the USA. This was a shock to us as well as our customers. In most cases it only takes a few days, however some have taken as long as 10 (at checkout it states 3-10 business days). You should receive a tracking number via email when your shipment has shipped. Please take the time to track it. In many cases the tracking number will say a label was created. If a label was created it was picked up. Labels are created and shipped at the time of shipping. If this is the case please make sure you order priority if you are in a hurry to receive your order. We have no control over the post office and we are not sure why first class is taking so long. We are talking to USPS on the issue.

Do you ship to my country? Answer: In the shopping cart you can select your country. We ship to almost every country in the world. If your country is not listed at checkout please let us know.

Can I ship to a different address? Answer: Yes, the first address is your ship to address. If the billing address is different uncheck the box labeled billing is the same as shipping. Then put in your billing address. The billing address must match the credit card used at time of check out.

My free shipping coupon is not working at check out: Answer: Make sure when you cut and paste the coupon there is no space at the end or the beginning of the code, a space at the end will cause issues.

Answer: Orders must be over 75.00 before tax in order to get free shipping in the lower 50 states. Free shipping does not include to Virgin Islands, Porto Rico or Hawaii.

My order says it is delivered and it was not: AnswerUSPS Sometimes says a package was delivered even when it reaches the HUB in your area. Please give it 48 hours and if you still have not received it please contact us at [email protected] with lost order in subject. Due to high volume calls email will allow us to get you another package faster. Please include the name on the order and the order number. Amazon order numbers are different than ours on our site. Our order numbers are 5 digits.

If I place an order today when will I get it? Answer: First class in the USA can take as long as 10 business days. Normally this is not the case, however we are seeing it more and more with USPS.
Priority  usually takes 2-3 business days. If you need it faster select priority or express.


What color should I get? Answer: Main thing to remember is our dye does not go lighter. It will only add to what you already have. It is hard for us to determine the color you will get unless you submit a photo. if you would like to submit a photo on our forum we would love to let us and others pic a great color for you. You can use your Facebook to log in (we do not see your information) or you can set up an account. 

Can I mix different colors?  Answer: Yes, you can mix any and all of our colors together

My product arrived frozen or hard as a brick: Answer:  Our henna is triple sifted and double sealed with a major vacuum seal. This leads one to think it is frozen or dried up. Once you open the package it will release the air and return to its powder form. The product is not defective and is packaged this way to insure freshness and quality.

I ordered black and I got red with my order: Answer: When ordering black it comes with natural red and indigo. Jet black is a two-step process and requires both. Please refer to the instructions included with your order or go to to learn easy ways to achieve black without doing the two step process. Some will have to do the 2 step process of red and indigo, however many can learn to achieve this with a one step process.

Can I mix different colors?  Answer: Yes, you can mix any and all of our colors together

I applied the beard dye and it washed out after 2 days: Answer: If you do not follow the beard prep directions the dye will not work properly. You have to use a tooth brush or our beard brush (not a wash cloth or your hands) to get the most effective results. Our beard dye is permanent and will only come out when you trim it.

Can I go to or from chemical hair dye? Answer: Yes, you can use our dye immediately after using chemical dye and you should see instant results of improved hair. You can also go back to chemicals if you want to. All salons should do a strand test as they are required. Keep in mind going from black or dark brown to blond might be tedious and take more than one chemical application. This is usually the case regardless of chemical free or not.

 Do I have to let my product set over night? Answer: No, just follow the instructions on our packet, not anyone else. Our dye is the freshest you can get and does not require additives or prep.

Do you have blond? Answer: Yes and no. You can at this time mix your own ash blond.  3 parts Amla, 1 part henna will make a nice ash blond. Learn more here: Keep in mind blond only works on light gray and white/blond hair.


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