Free Henna Patterns. Hundreds upon thousands of the most popular henna tattoo patterns will be available for you to print out, draw, or tap into instantly with our easy-to-follow techniques.

No matter what talent you have, we will show you how to do professional-looking henna with in minutes!

We truly respect the history of henna tattoos and encourage those to do traditional mehndi “henna”. However as always America takes things and makes them Modern. With these techniques, you will be able to do traditional henna as well as Modern day art.

Make your own stencils for less then a nickel. Stencils can be extremely expensive! Most places will charge from $1.00 to $100.00 per stencil!! This is crazy for a large stencil! Most stencils can be made with a piece of paper, a sheet of carbon paper and a pencil. Place the carbon paper face up on a hard surface, and then place a plain white sheet of paper over the carbon paper. Next take the drawing you like, then place it on top of the white paper. Keep in mind everything you do will come out backwards! Tape the corners to keep the paper from sliding. You are now ready to start tracing the lines! Once you get done you will have a carbon picture exactly like the one you traced!


You are now ready to apply the stencil to the person receiving the tattoo. Take the paper with the carbon drawing and place it against the persons back, arm,ankle, etc. Now take cheap oil or roll-on deodorant and wet the back of the paper over the carbon drawing. The drawing will now be transferred to the person’s body! You can now begin to trace there tattoo with henna!

The henna will need to stay on the person at least one hour. The longer the henna is on the better? That’s what they say, however, you will see your stain in one hour. Do not was the henna stain for 12 hours after it is applied and scrape the henna off when you are ready to take it off.

Do not wash off! The henna should be dry to the touch after 30 minutes. Make sure your customer knows if they smudge it, it will stain as a smudge! No matter how you apply the Henna, the above rule will always be applied!

Another way to make your own stencils is to buy thin stencil plastic at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or other paint and hobby stores called “Mylar”. Take your stencil and the drawing you would like to make into a stencil. Place the clear stencil over the drawing, apply tape to the edges. Place on a hard (glass chopping block works great) surface then take a thin magic marker and trace over the drawing.

Remove paper underneath and tape the new drawing to the glass. Use a pointed razor blade to slowly cut out the stencil. Some stencils are extremely hard and some are extremely easy. The more detail the more difficult.

Once you have your stencil you can then get an ink roller, (Office Max, etc.) Place the stencil on the customer, roll ink over stencil. It will leave an outline of stencil. Now begin applying henna paste! It is that simple! There are also many companies that make stencils for just this purpose! Hobby Lobby has many to choose from as well, some are $5.00 for a $1.00.

Keep adding stencils to your collection to give customers a greater selection. Use a file system to keep track of your stencils. Number each stencil, then make a copy of the stencil to attach to a poster board. Once you have enough for a full board, take it to Kinko’s or a copy shop and make it laminated (for years of use).

You can also have them shrink the boards to make a small 8 x 11 that you can easily fit in your file box!

Now you are ready for some free henna recipes.

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