Hair Dye and Being Pregnant

You do have safe pregnant hair dye choices!

Chemical hair dye and being pregnant can be a bad combination, however you do have safe pregnant hair dye choices! People do not understand that chemicals go into your scalp and your skin as well as the hair. Doctors will tell you no drinking, no smoking and what they seem to forget is no chemical hair dyes.

You really have to be careful these days, not only when you are pregnant but on a regular bases. The chemicals in your hair dye can harm your unborn baby. You especially have to be careful of the hair dyes that claim they are all natural or they have added vitamins.

If your hair dye has added vitamins and still has bleach or ammonia, you are still adding chemicals to your body and we all know what a mom takes in her body, baby takes in also. Adding vitamins may help your hair recover from the shock, but will not alter the ammonia or bleach. That is like saying well I will drink my vodka with a V8. A bloody Mary will not be good for baby and neither will bleach or ammonia.

You are in luck! Unless you want to go blonde. Henna Hut has a safe alternative! Our hair dye is safe to use when you are pregnant! It is 100% chemical free and is used in India on a regular basis. The women even use henna to tattoo their belly months before giving birth.

It only comes in earth colors, black, brown, light brown, dark brown, red and orange and different shades of each. It does not smell as bad as chemical hair dyes and looks more natural. The more you use it the better it looks.

Being pregnant and using hair dye is no longer a factor with Henna huts 100% Natural Hair dye. You can use it as often as you like, which normal use will be 6-8 weeks. You can just do your roots as you want to or do your full head of hair.

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Pregnant boy or girl?

Usually moms use the most natural hair dye they can while pregnant. Why not all the time?