Do A Strand Test First

This will tell you how long to leave the henna paste on your hair to get to your desired color. All hair is different so there is not standard answer for everyone. Shampoo hair twice prior to test.
1. Brush clean hair with a clean brush
2. Harvest the loosened hair for the test or clip a small locket from under neath (you can also dye a part underneath the hair)
3. Mix up 1 teaspoon of the henna powder with water slowly, you want the consistency of yogurt
4. Submerge the harvested hairs into the paste or past on to hair thick enough to cover the hairs being tested.
5. Rinse and wait 24- 48 hours for final color

Hair on head and beard Test

You can also do a strand test by using hair under neath other hairs or cutting a small portion of hair off.

Remember if you cut off a darker piece of hair you may not get the same results. If your hair is uneven in color make sure you test all of it.

For beards, try a small area that you can simple shave off if you do not like the color. The edge of your beard is a great place for a sample.

Remember, browns and blacks take 12-48 hours to get to final color! So if you have a lot of gray or white and you do brown expect it to be green or red until it turns the final color. Light browns can take a full 48 hours to get to final color! Always do it the night prior to any engagement.

Eyebrow Strand Test

The only way to do a test is to assume after you have the same color eyebrows as your hair was.
Eye brows can last as long as 3 months or longer and can be extremily permanent when using our natural hair dye!
Clean eye brows with soap and a tooth brush prior to application for best results. Mix the dye thick not runny! Do the very outside edge to do a strand test. Remember our dyes only go equal or darker not lighter. We are not responsible for eyebrows and you are at your own risk while doing so.

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