Super Dark Instant Staining Henna Cones

With Super Fine Tips, Non Leaking!

Why use old mehndi cones when you can mix super fresh henna cones in less than 60 seconds?
Henna Hut recommends our sunset orange (comes with shelly oil) if you already have everything you need. Guaranteed fresh with no PPD or chemicals.Henna cones are good, but when not made fresh they can lose the staining power. Mixing your own henna only takes 60 seconds when using a cake blender with an egg beater attachment.

“I  bought henna from you and it was the best henna I have ever used. I want to thank you all for such great quality and I’ll continue to do business with you for all my henna needs.”



Warning! If henna gets on your skin it can stain you up to 6 weeks.
Always use gloves when mixing and filling henna cones!
If you are doing your hair and get it on your hair line it will come off in less than
24 hours. Your face has natural oils. Anywhere else it can stain you up to 6 weeks.
Hands and feet last the longest.

Dear Henna Hut,
I just wanted to thank you all for very quick delivery and amazing products. Everyone loved it! I am very impressed with this business and recommended you to everyone who attended and was interested in buying their own henna. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again soon!
C.B. of LA

Henna Hut Henna is Ready to do a Henna Stain In 15 Minutes!

No Chemicals, No Lemon, No Funky Mixes!

Henna cones have been around longer than anyone knows. They are used to touch up hair roots and some create henna tattoos and henna body art. You can easily make your own henna cone by cutting a triangle out of thin plastic cellophane (the kind used to wrap presents or fruit baskets) and then wrapping it from the long end to the center of triangle. Many people make henna cones in different ways.

Roll your henna cone so it has a fat hole to fill large areas or make the tip smaller to do fine lines. Henna cones come in many shapes and sizes. Our cones hold about 35 grams.
Henna Hut tests each batch of henna cones that come to us from India to ensure the deepest and longest lasting stain for our customers. Our pre-mixed henna cones will apply around 30 large designs or up to 50 small tattoos. We recommend using the essential oils to prepare the skin for application and then again when removing the dried henna paste.

1 pure henna sunset orange pack is enough to do 12 cones or fill 14 henna bottles.

Reg. Price $14.00
See sale price below!

Why buy old henna cones when you can make your own in minutes? Fresh every time?


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