Infinite Earth is located in Largo, Fl near Clearwater, Florida or about 30 minutes west of Tampa. We have been in Florida for Since October 2016. Learning all of the wonderful benefits of henna has been over whelming but most rewarding.
Many people are looking for henna in Florida, well now you have found it! We import a large amount of henna! We also import Henna shampoo and conditioner as well. As we grow and add other products we are planning on adding hair extensions.
Henna hair dye  has been used since the primal times of life and it does so many wonderful things for your hair it is wonderful!
My wife has not had a hair cut for a year now. Her hair is so full and beautiful I still sit and just stair with amazement. She has absolutely no split ends and her hair is full, soft and easy to comb through. Her color is absolutely gorgeous! She is a natural brunette with gray (not going to say how much because I will get clobbered when she reads this).
She likes to do natural red henna hair dye. It really adds beauty to her brown and fits her perfectly. You do not get natural looking hair color like that, you just don’t.
So what got me interested in carrying henna in Houston? Well one day as we were dong henna tattoos we had gotten some really bad henna and did not have any time to order any more. We searched Houston for henna and could not find any! I could not believe it! The only people that had it were the people that did henna tattoos and they were way across town.
This is when I realized Houston needs to wake up to henna, matter of fact the whole world needs to. Like it was obvious smoking was bad for your lungs chemical hair dye is bad for your hair! Chemicals kill the protein in your hair and replace it with chemicals. It dries out your scalp and ruins the persons hands that is putting it on (Even with gloves on!).
After talking to hair stylist that even used gloves and had to retire because there hands hurt so bad it came to my attention that people are brain washed! They have to be! I can walk into just about any hair salon and they will tell you henna is bad for you. This is simply because they are uneducated and do not understand it. Fact is most of the products they use contain henna and they do not even know it.
Today they are actually teaching new classes with the history and new facts about henna hair dye.
Many hair stylist do not like henna because they do not understand it. With a growing demand of natural hair products henna is here to stay.

  • Henna rids split ends.
  • Henna makes hair thicker
  • Henna makes hair softer
  • Henna looks natural
  • Henna Kills ring work and Head lice
  • Henna rids dandruff naturally

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  1. by Velvet Haynes March 10, 2021 11:09 pm

    Hello, I am interested in information on Henna Hair Dye and how I can purchase some. I live in North Florida. Thank you.

    • by harvestmoon March 11, 2021 9:37 pm

      Hi, all of our product ships from Texas.
      We do ship on the same day. You can also search our site with the bottom search box. We have thousands of pages of information. We also have more products on

  2. by Carol June 29, 2020 3:28 am

    Where can l find henna for hair in Clearwater, FL?

    • by harvestmoon June 29, 2020 11:03 am

      Hi Carol, we do have some, we do not have a storefront that is opened. If you are here on vacation, please call us and we can set something up. Normally we will not allow pick-ups.

    • by harvestmoon June 29, 2020 11:09 am

      P.S. is this for henna tattoos? or henna hair dye?

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