No Lemon Needed!

Harvest Moon Henna Powder is always fresh, triple cloth sifted and double sealed for freshness and fast acting henna. Our henna is great for the hair or for doing awesome henna tattoos.
Super fine powder makes it super easy to mix and easy to rinse. Harvest Moon Henna TM is ready to go in less than an hour. Apply to the hair immediately or if doing henna tattoos just mix in Shelly oil and you will be ready for dark tattoos in less than an hour. No lemon is recommended for hair or tattoos. To learn more about harvest Moon pure henna go here.

Find out why our henna does not have to be
Left out for 12 hours
Left on for 4 hours
Does not need lemon


100 grams Sealed Natural Henna Powder
(Natural Red Orange)
100 grams
Save $1.00
Sale Price $9.98

Pure Henna Powder
300 grams Sealed Natural Henna Powder
(Natural Red Orange)
300 grams (3 100 gram packs)
Save $3.00
Sale Price $26.94

Pure Henna Powder 3-pack

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Since “Time Immemorial”, Henna has adored the hands and feet of Brides and holds significant value in the traditional and cultural histories of India. Henna enriches women’s beauty with body art on special occasions and the frequent use as natural hair dye.

Henna Powder is the dried leaf of LAWSONIA INERMIS L., a shrub or small tree, which is indigenous to the area between Iran and Northern India. Botanists believe that the plants origin is somewhere in Persia. In India, it has been used since around 700AD and has continued to be very popular for over 1300 years. The plant has been introduced widely throughout the tropics and sub-tropics as an ornament (frequently as a fragrant hedge) for home use as a dye and elsewhere as a commercial crop. LAWSONIA INERMIS L. (HENNA) is a small shrub with heavily scented cream flowers and blue/black fruit.
The major pigment in Henna leaf is LAWSON (2 HYDROXY- 1, 4-NAPTHAQUINONE) which fixes strongly to the proteins of the hair and skin. Henna nourishes, adds shine, helps slow premature graying, softens and strengthens hairs.

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