How to Remove Henna Hair Dye From the Skin:

Henna Hair Dye stains are less difficult to remove from your skin. They vanish after about 24-48 hours after application. While doing the application we suggest cleaning up any drips of henna from your skin and also suggest the use of protective gloves for your hands and a hair cap to protect any clothing or furniture. You can put petroleum jelly on any henna and let it set to get it off faster.

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If you are like many men and women that have used a chemical hair dye treatment to change, cover, or enhance your hair’s natural beauty, you have probably discovered at the last minute a drip or scalp line of dye that not only has changed your hair shade but you skin color as well. Do not worry there are several simple and effective ways that will help in the correction of this dilemma. These treatments have been used for chemical hair dyes, and may or may not work on Henna. We are still testing different ways of henna stain removal
A few factors involved will determine the effectiveness of these methods: The absorption of your skin and the intensity of your color choice. Black dye is the most difficult and may require repeat treatments.

    • If you have leftover dye you can rub it into the area and rinse it immediately.
    • You can make up a concoction of half lemon juice or baking soda to half dishwashing soap. Gently wipe the area with the liquid on a washcloth. This should remove the stain.
    • You can also try using a make-up removing cream or towel.

If you forgot to use protective gloves during the application you will notice that not only did your hair color change but, so did your hand color. Don’t worry! You can get it to come off.

      • You can soak your hands in hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach. Make sure that after you soak you rinse your hands in cold water and apply a thick layer of hand lotion. Hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach can dry out your skin very fast so only try this method if you do not have sensitive skin.
      • You can also try applying a small amount of toothpaste with granules on a cotton ball to the area. Toothpaste is less abrasive but, tends to work better with certain dyes.

These mentioned methods work great but, if your stain is stubborn and won’t budge then we suggest applying petroleum jelly or baby oil to the area before bedtime. In the morning your stain should just wash away in the shower or vanish over the course of the day.
For future applications with chemical hair dye treatments, we suggest that you put a layer of petroleum jelly at your hairline before application to prevent the dye from dripping or running.

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