This is the proper way to store henna or any of Henna Hut hair dyes.

1. Open your packet and pour into a zip lock baggy.

2. Squeeze air out and zip shut.

3. Place in sun tight box. Ex: Cigar box, shoe box, make up box.

4. Store in cabinet or closet.

DO NOT store in Freezer, refrigerator. Doing this adds moisture and air and this will ruin your hair dye!

Henna is grown in the desert, so putting it in the refrigerator does nothing!

The freezer ruins your henna period. So does the refrigerator. The trick is keeping the air out of it.
Henna loves the heat, it is how it is born and it grows in the desert.

I did a simple test. I took one cone and left it in the freezer and one in the garage in 120 F.

7 months later I tried them both ( both from same company) Guess what? the garage stored henna was 10 times better! The trick was keeping it air tight. Cones stay air tight usually if they have a needle in the end. The freezer will add moister.

You want BTBAQ (better than body art quality). Light and air are hennas enemy. Not heat.

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