How to Make Fast Easy Money with Henna

The complete guide to making money in your own back yard and surrounding areas with henna.

Henna E-Book

Usually We sell this guide for $39.95
But it now for only $8.95 and get the instant Download!

Learn how to make money doing henna. Maybe you would like to do it part time for some extra cash or even full time and make a living from it. What reason you have does not matter, what matters if you have the will to do so.

While your friends are flipping burgers 39 hours a week and making minimum wage in the summer you can work one day and make more than they do! The greatest part is it takes a very small investment. If you have been to a festival or you have been at an event and gotten a henna tattoo you probably paid $30-$65.00 for it. The irony of it is for one henna cone it cost less than $5.00 and you can do 20-50 nice sized henna tattoos with one cone! Are you seeing the profit margins? The possibilities?

I hope you are because they are endless and the best part is you do not even need to know how to draw! Yes you heard me correct! You do not even need to know how to draw! This EBook you will learn instantly how to literally walk out your door and make money!

This easy to read information will literally set your mind on fire and wake you up to the endless ways to make money year round! Cold, hot, indoors outdoors, it does not matter. Some of you will literally quit your regular job and some of you will add onto an existing job. How many henna tattoos at an average of $20.00 do you need to do at an even to make money?

Let’s do some simple math:

Let’s say you are having a bad day and you only do 20 tattoos. That is $400.00! Or even worse you only do 10, that’s $200.00. How many can you do in a good day? I have a friend that can do 100-150 on average at certain events. He and his wife are very experienced but they started just like you. They can do 300 plus at certain events working together. Remember this is just getting the cheapest henna and many are going to get the more expensive one, raising your average cost to $25.00 and $30.00 a henna tattoo.

You can earn $600.00 for a 3 hour event! Henna is an easy setup and take down. Pack it in your purse or backpack and be ready to go in less than 5 minutes!

By the way, this was a simple inside event, they paid us by the hour (yes 200 an hour EACH) that was 1200 each night! Let’s see – 2400.00 and 6 hours total effort (took us 10 minutes to drive). I have friends that work their butts off for a whole month for less than that!

My Ebook Covers all the must do’s and how to. It is essential and it will tell you how NOT to waste your time and negotiate great spots to cash in on the henna. It is a tiny investment with a HUGE return that keeps on returning year after year. I and My wife continue to do the events “we” choose to do and nothing more. It is great extra cash and you will certainly laugh inside seeing how easy it is to make great extra money in a short period of time at the park, or event of your choice.

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