Here you can purchase Harvest Moon natural beard dye. Harvest Moon blends with your natural color and you can mix any colors together to create more colors. For example if you want a extra dark brown color, you can mix pure indigo in with dark brown to make it darker. All of our beard dye is 100% chemical free.

You get multiple uses from each packet! Most men can get 20 plus uses depending on beard length. Use only what you need and save the rest for the your next application

Our hair dye and beard dye are the exact same product! Both come with both instructions.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Just choose at check out. We also ship the same day if ordered before 4 P.M. Eastern time. When your natural beard dye arrives, use only what you need and store the rest for the next application. If you have any questions about our beard dye, please ask! Thousands of men and women are going natural every day. Why not use a beard dye that is good for your beard?

Brown Beard Dye

About Brown Beard Dye (100 grams)

Dark Brown Beard Dye

About Dark Brown Beard Dye (100 grams)

Black Beard Dye

About Black Beard Dye(100g red, 100g indigo)

Natural Red Beard Dye

About Natural Red Beard Dye (100 grams)

Red Beard Dye

About Red Red Beard Dye (100 grams)

Deep Red Beard Dye

About Deep Red Beard Dye (100 grams)

Mahogany Beard Dye

About Mahogany Bear Dye (100 grams)

Burgundy Beard Dye

About Burgundy Beard Dye (100 grams)

Natural Light Brown Beard Dye

About Light Brown

Copper Beard Dye

About Copper Brown

Ash Brown Beard Dye

About Ash Brown

Blond Beard Dye

About Blond

Benefits Of Natural Beard Dye

  • No Chemicals
  • Promotes Healthy Beard Growth
  • No Allergic Reactions
  • No Horrible Chemical Smells
  • Safe to Wash Down Drain
  • Strengthens and Softens Beard Hair
  • Looks Natural, Like Your Real Color
  • Last Up to 6 Weeks (or roots grow out) Without Trimming
  • Price (each package contains enough for over 20 applications) Per 100 Grams
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  1. by Theodore H Sims May 3, 2020 9:00 pm


    • by harvestmoon May 4, 2020 2:23 pm

      Sorry, Theodore, we are sold out and not sure when we will restock. We do have some EarthDye brown, it is the exact same.

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