How To Mix And Apply Harvest Moon Beard Dye

Beard Dye Mixing Instructions (for black beard dye please go here)

Mix up contents in bag after face is prepped!

Scrub facial hair clean GENTLY with a scrubber (tooth brush works wonders) and soft soap or shampoo to remove oil and dirt.
Your facial hair traps these oils and can prohibit the paste from really penetrating, and builds it back fast! So clean prior regardless of how clean you think your beard is!

1. Mix henna with just enough warm tap water (about 1 tbsp of water per 2 tbsp of powder) until you get a consistency of yogurt.
2. Make sure you wear gloves as the paste will stain your hands!
3. Apply the paste immediately to your beard with a teaspoon or gloved fingers, THICK so no hairs are even the least bit sticking out.
4. Allow it to sit for 35 minutes up to 1 hour at most!
5. Rinse the paste out with water until the water runs clear. (an old toothbrush works great)

If you have a lot of white and you are using browns or blacks, it will turn green at first! This is normal! It will turn to the color you chose over night. So start early evening. Make sure you watch our beard dye video

for more information

Do not wash with any soaps or shampoos for up to 24 hours. Some can use soap in less than 16 hours.
Avoid aftershave and cologne! If you apply that much no one will want to be close to you and it is just to much. A touch of cologn to the neck is perfect.

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