How to mix black hair dye 3 different ways

Mixing directions to achieve JET BLACK hair color, this is a two step process.

Mixing pure henna for 1st step in application:

1. Mix henna with warm water (1 ½ cups per package)
2. Paste will need to have the consistency of yogurt or pudding.
3. Make sure you wear gloves as the Henna will stain your hands!
4. Apply the Henna paste to your hair by sections starting from the back and working forward.
5. Wrap your hair with shower cap with a hole cut in the top or nothing at all
6. Allow to sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
7. Rinse the paste out. (DO NOT USE SHAMPOO) towel dry your hair.
8. Move on to Step 1 of the Indigo application

Mixing pure indigo for 2nd step in application:

1. Mix with water (1 ½ cups per package)
2. Paste will need to have the consistency of yogurt or pudding
3. Make sure you wear gloves as the Indigo will stain your hands!
4. Apply the Indigo paste to your hair immediately by sections starting from the back and working forward.
5. Allow to sit for up to 1hour before rinsing off with tap water. No longer than 1 ½ hours at most.
Do not use soap or shampoo for at least 18-24 hours.

Your hairs color will get darker over the next 2 days.

Do not panic if your hair loosk green at first. it will turn black over night! Some people it turns black immediately. Some people it looks red and then turns black.

How to get black using a one step process

Black hair dye is our only 2 step process, but the most conditioning process as well.
However some people want to do a one-step if possible (especially men that are doing beards).
Some men or women can use the two to make a black with one step. Others must do a 2 step process to get black. One step is most important for men who have to do the beards every 7-14 days.
It depends on a few things: The protein in your hair, how clean your hair is, the size of the pores in your hair strands and the acid in your hair.
In order to see if you can do a one step process, simply wash your hair twice with “cheap” shampoo, no conditioner. If you are using it for beard dye, make sure you do the beard prep that came with the directions.

Mix indigo and henna 3 to 1.

You will need to mix the two ingredients 3 to 1. Three parts Indigo to one part Henna, 75% indigo and 25% henna. Do not add lemon, ONLY warm tap water! Any other added ingredients can lead to it not working as well.
Leave on for one hour and rinse. Shampoo 24 hours later and remember it takes 24-48 hours to get to the darkest stage. If it is not dark enough you might have to do a 2 step process that comes with the directions.
Each individual is different, it has nothing to do with race or religion, just the fact we all have different hair like we have different DNA.
If you order the black hair dye, it will come with 100 grams of henna (step 1) and 100 grams of indigo (step 2).
If you have questions we are always here to help you! Call us toll free 866-719-5755.

How to achieve black with just indigo

Another easy way to achieve black and the rarest way is to simply just use Indigo by itself. ( this does not work on everyone, but if you can, it is thee easiest)
Shampoo your hair twice just prior to application. Dry hair with towel or hair dryer ( damp is ok). Mix the indigo with warm tap water and apply immediately to the hair and rinse 1 to 1.5 hour/s later.
Some people will achieve a permanent black by doing this. Some cases it will turn a slight purple or green at first and then it will turn black within 48 hours. Some it might turn purple or green and/or it might not be permanent.
Find out which works for you best!

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