Skin Test and Mixing Instructions

Mixing and doing a skin test for Harvest Moon? natural hair coloring:

Always do a strand test and or skin test. Skin test should be no longer than 30 minutes. Skin test is required by the FDA, not by Henna Hut any and all packets of hair dye, regardless of where it is from is required.

To do a skin test simply mix up some dye and place on the inside elbow for several minutes.

If a itchy rash appears do not continue use. Please keep in mind if you leave it on your skin to long it will keep your skin from breathing and create a red spot. A piece of tape will do the same thing!

95% of our customers come to us after having an allergic reaction to chemical hair dyes, been hospitalized or more.

Mixing instructions for:

Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Red, Dark Red, Burgundy, Mahogany, Sunset Orange, CopperTop Brown & Red/Orange (Pure)

– Mix henna with just enough warm water (about 1 ? cup to 1 ? cup of water per 100 grams of powder) until you get a consistency of yogurt.
– Make sure you wear gloves as the Henna will stain your hands! You may want to cover the floor with an old towel or sheet to protect your carpet around the area you are using for application.
– Apply the Henna paste immediately to your hair by sections starting from the back and working forward.
– Wrap your hair with a shower cap (punch hole in top for air flow) and allow to sit for 1 hours.
– Rinse the paste out with water until water runs clear.
– Do Not wash with any soaps or shampoos for up to 48 hours.
– If you dye over gray hair and you are using browns, it may turn green for the first 12 hours, this is normal.

Your hair color will settle/darken over the next 48 hours

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