Natural Hair Dye

Healthy hair dye that is 100% chemical free!

(11 colors to choose from)

Look younger and healthier without the burn!

95% of our customers come to us “after” they have had a bad reaction to chemical hair dye.

Not only is it from Mother Nature, it is safe for Mother Nature. You can save the planet and your hair at the same time. Millions of chemicals are dumped down our drains every year. Never will you find a product so good for your hair and your environment. Be very weary of those that claim their product is natural. If it has ammonia it is not natural! If it has alcohol, it is not natural! Learn more about our all natural hair dye.

Don't Look Old!

Don’t Look Old!

Before Bleached

Before Bleached

Look Young!

Look Young!


After bleached hair

When it comes to natural hair dye We mean “natural” hair dye, 100% Vegan, 100% hypoallergenic! Natural means it comes from any source the way it should without alterations, especially from nature or based on the state of nature. No alcohol, no chemicals!

Harvest Moon® Hair and beard dye is healthy hair dye! Condition while you color!™

Dead ends?
Split ends?
Losing hair?
Brittle hair?
Do you have to use chemical hair dye more than twice a month?
Do you get a rash after using chemical hair dye?
If you answered yes to any of these, stop the chemical hair dye and Cover the gray the natural way!®It will start repairing your hair instantly! Hair grows very slow, but in as little as 3 months and 3 treatments you will see a drastic change in your hair!


This means natural hair dye would come from something mother nature gave us. You cannot add chemicals to a natural substance and call it natural any longer because it is no longer natural! No such thing as a virgin martini! So please do not let the companies fool you by saying the product is all natural, BUT it has some ammonia to help the color! That is like saying here is a virgin margarita, Oh, by the way we spiked it with some tequila.

Natural is natural and sorry to say you cannot get a lighter color with natural hair dye, it is not possible. The only way to lighten it is with bleach or other harsh chemicals. Did you know that it can also cause your hair to turn gray at a much younger age? Chemical hair dye alter’s the pigment or “proteins” in your hair. Natural hair dye will cover the pigment or proteins, not alter them! This means your natural hair color is still there, it is just “covered” up.

Many natural hair dyes are permanent and some are not. I have seen people use cool aid, which basically is food dye. Guess where one of our food colors come from? You guessed it, “indigo”. Indigo (blue) is also found in our blue jeans. Indigo when applied on your hair after using henna will turn black. Use henna first and then indigo and you will get a beautiful natural jet black. It is a permanent hair dye and is safe for pets, animals, children, pregnant women and cancer patients.


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