Black Henna Hair Dye – 2 Step

First of all, thank you very much for sending my replacement order, your customer service is excellent and I have referred a lot of customers your way because I was very pleased with my results. Looking forward to doing this again. I followed your directions from the web-site video which were very easy to follow. Since I did the henna application to my hair I have no longer had to de-tangle my hair, I have also noticed a difference in my curl definition. I am very pleased and thank you, you have a lifetime customer in me. Your henna hair dye is nothing like the ineffective henna that I have used in the past.

first step black henna hair dye

Step One
After using indigo to get jet black hair

Step two

Excellent results using Harvest Moon Black Henna Hair Dye!

Black continues to get darker over 24 hours!

Black Henna Hair Dye L.W. Houston, TX

Before And After Black Henna Hair Dye

This was my first Harvest Moon application and I must say I am very pleased with my results. I have definitely transitioned to using henna + indigo (Black henna hair dye) as my hair coloring product. I love that it is not harmful to my hair and that it actually helps it grow thicker and healthier. Harvest Moon black hair dye is a 2 step process, however, it is also extra conditioning. I was not being lazy because I want the most gorgeous hair possible. I do get compliments all of the time.

Dark brown henna hair dye over highlights

C.S. High Point, NC

Mahogany Deep Red Combo

Last year I developed an allergy to PPD, a chemical commonly found in traditional hair dye, so to appease my vanity I set out to find a completely natural hair color product. After calling a dozen salons and doing hours of internet research, I found Harvest Moon. They promised high quality, chemical-free product that would give me healthy, beautiful hair. I took a chance and the results were phenomenal! The color is rich and stays true for much longer than traditional dye. Plus, henna is much less expensive than a trip to the salon. Stunningly gorgeous, pocketbook-friendly color: I switch from Mahogany to Mahogany henna hair dye with deep red mixed in. What more could a girl ask for?

Before and After Mahogany Burgundy Mix

M.M., Arlington VA Mahogany Hair Dye

Deep Brown Made With Mahogany And Burgundy Mix

Vanessa M. Meyer recommends Henna Hut.

10 hrs ·

Awesome product- I’ve been using this henna on my hair since 2014. Very high quality and easy to use. I have dark brown hair- I mix burgundy and mahogany and the color is gorgeous and I only have to do my roots, once a month. Nobody believes that it’s henna.

This is my prep:
-boil water and shut off before shower
-mix powders
-wash hair 2x w/shampoo
-wash with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and let sit for 3 min, rinse out -mix hot water with powders
-use application brush to apply and let sit for 1 hour -rinse till clear
-I do not wash my hair for 2 days after. This helps the darker pigment set and my hair oils to further recoup.


Henna Hair Dye Mix

Vanessa Meyer

Dr. Singh, MD Natural Black Doctor Recommended

Harvest Moon Hair Dye is by far the best henna available on the market. It is gentle on the hair, unlike some other brands I have tried which actually caused my hair to start falling out. The dye from henna actually coats and protects the hair shaft whereas chemical hair dyes physically alter the structure of the hair causing permanent damage, split ends, brittle and dry hair.

I have found the Harvest Moon hair dye remains true to its color on my hair for 6-8 weeks. Any new gray hair growth (in between treating my entire head every 6 weeks) only requires a quick touch-up and only at the sight of new growth. My hairdresser told me that since I started to use this Harvest Moon, my hair is extremely healthy with no split ends, and with exceptional shine. Chemical hair dyes should not be used by anyone now that all-natural henna hair dye is available in so many shades from Henna Hut. The risk of cancer and chemical sensitivities which can lead to acute allergic reactions requiring life-saving emergency treatments in susceptible patients should be enough to warrant discontinuation of their use by the general public. As a physician, I have seen and treated patients who developed life-threatening respiratory reactions from chemical allergies from chemical dyes. One cannot always determine safety by doing a skin test, as the amount of the chemical applied to the skin is so small that it may not lead to a reaction until a larger amount is applied to the hair.

I would urge anyone reading this testimonial to please try the Harvest Moon hair dye and switch permanently to this method from chemical hair dying. Not only will your hair be more healthy, but so will you.  Give Harvest Moon Hair Dye a try and I guarantee you will not go back to chemical dyes ever.

This testimonial is completely unsolicited and reflects my own professional opinions as an MD.
henna hair dye doctor recommended

H. Singh, MD (North Carolina)

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Copper Top Light Brown Henna Hair Dye

I will not lie… I was afraid to use ANY more hair color. Chemicals have turned my head into a lifeless broom. So I started researching chemical-free hair dyes and came across EarthDye. I ordered light brown because I am used to having highlights and didn’t want to turn out too dark. The after picture shows the color just after rinsing and drying it and again after 24 hours. I was pretty amazed that it wasn’t all a solid shade. It had a lot of variation and depth. There are still plenty of highlights and low lights now… It is a bit redder than I would like but understand that the true color can be determined after 24 hours. So if some of the red lessens I will be thrilled with the color. The application was simple enough and I left it on for 45 minutes. All of my grays are covered! So now I will record how long it takes for me to have to touch-up. (I only used a bit more than a half the packet for my hair.) I will surely buy this product again and do recommend it. Especially to those hoping to get away from the chemical abuse of traditional coloring products!

Gray hair before using light brown henna

Karen with damaged gray hair prior to
Harvest Moon henna hair dye.

Karen's hair was natural after using Harvest Moon hair dye

Karen with repaired hair after using henna hair dye

Ash Brown Henna Hair Dye Before and After

Rebecca Howard said, “OMG he looks amazing! So impressed. My 40-year-old-husband looks 28 again!

My husband has never dyed his hair or beard before. He is naturally dark blonde and quite ashy, this color was absolutely perfect for him. No red at all, like really, no red at all, I can’t believe it, and it looks so natural. Bow down to Rodney the henna God, for achieving this amazing color blend!

Rodney, you’re a genius! How you managed to get ash from plants is beyond me, but please don’t ever stop making this color or I will cry! We just followed the directions, mixed with warm tap water, an hour later and BAM!  New man!”

Ash Brown Henna Hair Dye

Before using ash brown henna
Dark gray-white mix before using ash beard brown
After using ash brown chemical free beard dye