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EarthDye, a sister brand is now offering Ash Brown, the lightest all-natural 100% chemical-free brown there is.

It has 0 red and works in as little as 1 hour. We are limited on supply so we are offering only 1 pack at this time.

Please look at the swatch for the after and before picture. This color will not go lighter. If you have brown hair and use ash brown hair dye it will not be lighter. Ash brown is intended for light brown hair people or blond people.

  • Conditions as it colors
  • 0 reds
  • 100% chemical-free, 100% plant-based
  • Works in as little as 1 hour
  • Works on all hair types

Ingredients: Ingredients: Indigofera Tinctoria, Cassia Obovata, Lawsonia Inermas Linn, Curcuma Longa, Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Bellirica Roxb

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Elizabeth Tveite
Ash Beach Brown

Been using these products for 10+ years. Covering gray and wanting less red, I have been using the Ash Beach. Love it. I'm 67 yrs old with healthy hair half way down my back.

So pleased to hear our dye works wonders for you! Your recommendation is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your gorgeous long hair!

Marilyn Horne
Not light enough

I think the product is very easy to use, however I thought my hair would be lighter. I have had red henna on my hair for a few years and let gray grow in the middle so I could change to a lighter me. I did follow your whole 3 days processing tips, the lemon juice and all that. It was still Red but I put your henna on it anyway. It came out pretty dark brown. Now not really sure what to do. It does look better than it did.

Hi Marilyn, our dye does not go lighter and will not make your hair color lighter. equal or darker because there are no chemicals.

All our product requires is one hour. No lemon or any other product, just water. Also, ash has a super tiny amount of henna in it, mainly amla. step 1 should always be a strand test to see what color it is. We are glad it worked out!! We are always here to help!

Gray blending

I tried using this on my gray / faded-henna hair and I am very pleased with the results. The gray is a nice, light ash brown, which is what I was going for, and it does not contrast which the rest of my hair, which is just a shade or two darker. I wanted to get away from red and I am really happy that there is a natural alternative to chemical formulas that blends well with graying natural hair.

Thank you April! So happy you got away from the chemical hair dye! Word of mouth is our greatest asset!

Sharon Sirling
Love it!

I like that this lighter brown doesn't have the reddish tones of natural henna. As I age the darker brown doesn't look right on me and this is a perfect color without that reddish tint.

Thank you !! Yes, henna is one color! Red ... our light brown is just that - light brown!

Deborah Michaels
great product

love the ease, the color, its great!

Thank you Deborah!