Natural Indigo Powder

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Harvest Moon Indigo Powder is now EarthDye®

100 grams powder is enough to do mid-back length hair in one application. The length of your hair will stay this color, only the new hair growth will need to be touched up as it comes in. Typically hair grows about 1/ 4 inch a month. Some grow faster so grow slower, everyone is different.

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I have been using this henna and indigo for years.

I had tried may brands before finding this one and this is the best. I started out using the henna and indigo for brown. Now that my hair is almost all white I only use indigo now for purple and blue highlights and darken the white hair. I use the bud ice recipe from the Henna Hut and it gives me a nice blue and purple color. I will never use anything else on my hair except Henna Hut brand.

We’re so glad our dye impressed you! Thank you for the kind words and for choosing our safe, natural option!

indira srinivasan
Unbelievable price hike going to scare loyal customers away.

I am a loyal customers of you from last 10years. Shocked at your price hike. Price is double per pocket. Increased from $7 a pocket to $13 a pocket and no free shipping for bulk orders over $75.
I paid $13 per pocket this order. Also paid shipping over $13. Even though my order is close to $100.
If you keep increasing price like this I won’t be your customer any more.
Thanks for asking my opinion.

Hi Indira, So sorry, Postal increases have been bigger than ever. When we started in 2006, we had a price of 6.99 a pack, which was increased to 9.98 a pack in 2008. Your first order in 2011 was 10.98 a pack for deep red. 12.98 is an 18% increase over 12 years. Our cost of shipping has gone up over 400% just since COVID. The post office at the time in 2011 charged approximately $1.25 a pack to ship, now it costs over $4.00. They are hitting us and hitting retail. However, in your case, we have had a sale since the beginning, if you order over 5 packs it ships free in the USA. You ordered 7 which qualified you for this. We send out emails maybe once a month, if you are not signed up for them I suggest that you do . We have sales just about every holiday. You can always check our sales page for other sales as well.

Best Henna on the market

Love this product! It is clean and feels great. Best Henna on the market. I just wish the shipping fee to Canada was free with a minimum purchase.

Thank you! We work hard to be the best!!

Powerful Indigo

I use a quarter packet of indigo with a half packet of natural dark brown to get truly dark rich results. Overall the color lasts longer too with the addition of the indigo.

Yes this is the way! Just add more indigo to make it darker if needed! This works with all of our colors, mix and match any of them to create new colors :) The more you add of one, the more it will be!

Shacara Quarles
Henna review

Love this company!

Thank you! We love you too!!