Not all red hair dyes are created equal. At Infinite Earth we think red heads have the most fun! While red hair is more of a phenomenon, it doesn’t have to be. You can be a natural looking red head every day! When you use our red hair dye, you will be getting healthy hair dye.

Imagine a red hair dye that has 0 chemicals and when we say 0 chemicals we mean 0 chemicals, NONE, ZILCH. If I could say 0 in Spanish I would. Henna hut’s all natural red hair dye is a permanent hair dye and last just as long and longer as nasty chemical hair dyes.

Up to 8 weeks! Let’s put it this way your roots will grow out faster. Since it is a permanent hair dye you can just add red henna hair dye to the roots that are growing out!

So yes we have wicked twisted red hair dye that is good for your hair and your scalp. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to sunshine.

Red Henna Hair Dye and Clays

Infinite Earth red hair dye is from all natural plants and henna. Henna is actually a plant or more like a shrub. It is ground into a fine powder and all you have to do is add water and place it on your head! Leave it on for a while, rinse and you are done. It has an earthy smell and will leave your hair tangle free. To get a vibrant red you need Red Kaolinite. Red Kaolinite is a clay and works wonders but is semi-permanent and can bleed for the first couple of shampoos. You can mix 1 table spoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt into the water you use to mix with the powder if your hair is less absorbent to keep bleeding down. Red henna dye over natural red hair makes a super vibrant red and cherry red on browns.

The more you use it the better it works.
So if you are thinking about using red henna hair dye and you care about your hair please consider Harvest Moon red red hair dye. It comes with instructions and you will find it is easy to apply!

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