Shampoo Kick Start

I have had so many people ask about shampoos we are going to do a shampoo Kick Start program.
This is how it works:
Sign up if you are interested in purchasing shampoo here: KICK START
Put in the subject line: Shampoo. Nothing more.
In the message put put what kind and how many. Please keep in mind the shampoo is perishable after 12 months.
Once I get a number of how many and what kind I will let everyone know if it will be possible and let everyone purchase at a discounted rate to get the shampoos going again.
The shampoo is made in India and will take at the longest 2 months to receive by ocean freight. So you will have to be patient. Once Infinite Earth is stocking it will be a continuous cycle.

henna shampoo

Aloe vera shampoo

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