The shampoo is used for children, adults, and animals and has been used and called shampoo since the 1700s. It Cleans your hair from dirt or oil and keeps it refreshing and clean. You really need to be careful of removing natural oils that keep your hair from the elements. Some say it is not a good idea to shampoo your hair every day. We agree unless you are using a sulfate-free shampoo

After you use shampoo you may want to consider a nice conditioner. Conditioners will help make your hair less frizzy and more manageable.



Shampoo came from the Hindi word ( a widely used language in India) champo केश मार्जन and goes back to the late 1700s. Mainly referred to as a head message service that took on very quickly. Soon Shampooing or Champo was a hit and spread across to England and was soon in all of the bathhouses. Imagine getting your hair washed once or twice a month! Usually, they only used oils, and finally, in the late 1800s, the use shifted from oils to soaps. Regular soaps irritated the scalp and hair. Boiling the soap and adding fragrance and herbs brought shampoo to a turning point. Kasey Herbert was one of the first known shampoo manufacturers to create and bottle shampoo.

Originally soaps and shampoos both contained surfactant (detergent) and by the 1930s a synthetic surfactant and sulfates were introduced. It is cheaper and works well to make suds. Sulfates are used in many household items to make suds. All the henna hut products are sulfate-free and made like they originally were made.

How it works

Shampoo strips oils and dirt from the hair and scalp. The oil is there to protect your hair but can also be bothersome. The funny thing is that when our hair looks oily and dirty it is actually healthy and happy. Shampoos are different from most soaps because you need something gentile that does not strip all of the good stuff from your hair. If you wash daily you really need to make sure you use a sulfate-free shampoo and as well as a cream rinse (conditioner).

Shampoo breaks down the oil and dirt and then is rinsed out with the shampoo when rinsed with water.

Ingredients are mandated by the FDA, but only to make manufacturers list the ingredients.  Shampoos like dandruff cannot make medical claims or they are considered drugs, meanwhile, shampoos for medical conditions are over counter drugs.

Some manufactures claim to have a shampoo that has UV protection but it would not be enough to make a difference. It is a lot of work to look up ingredients on many things, but rest assured some times it is well worth it.

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