Light Brown Henna Hair Dye Before And After

I am really happy with my results!!! Thanks so much! I will definitely tell my friends about ya’ll!!

Picture 1 is before and picture 2 is after an application of light brown henna hair dye. It blent in absolutely perfect! How do you do that?


Light brown henna hair dye highlight cover up
Light brown woman using Harvest Moonlight brown henna to freshen up the light brown look.

L.B. Katy, TX

Natural Brown Henna Hair Dye

Deep Red Before And After

Thank you so much for your product. My hair has always been healthy and I wanted to keep it that way. I was looking for a different color (I am a brunette with blond and red (natural highlights). I found the deep red and I thought that would be perfect for the color I was looking for, It was just that.

It turned out great.


Deep red before and after Harvest Moon hair dye
Deep red burgundy henna hair dye mix, before and after photo

P.P., Hillsboro, OR

Natural Burgundy Hair Dye

Ray After Strawberry Blond

Hey Rod, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. Chemical hair dye really burns my skin and I cannot use Just For Men. One day at the mailbox my neighbor (who has very bright red hair), said she had a pack of strawberry blond as it was to light for her and gave it to me.

Apparently my hair came out a bit more gold which matched perfectly! Half my beard and hair are normally white/gray and I read somewhere on your site if you shampoo with Grandpas Pine Soap, it will keep it a golden color. You cannot even tell I have done anything! It looks so normal it is crazy and I am a customer for life. My hair has never felt so good and the women are absolutely loving my campfire smell from the soap.  Thank you for taking the time to help me and thank you for such a wonderful product! I am telling everyone I know!

after using strawberry blond
After using strawberry blond with Grandpas pine soap.


Ray  E


Light Brown on Highlights

This was my first time ever using a henna product on my hair. I have always had my hair highlighted and it was getting extremely damaged and dried out. I was a little nervous about henna, especially with my highlights.

I didn’t want them to turn green! Well, all I can say is that I wish I tried this product sooner! My hair color turned out GREAT and it was softer and silkier than ever before. I had so many comments about how much healthier my hair looked and I can only credit Henna Hut for that. I will continue using this product and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. THANKS HARVEST MOON!!!


Before Light Brown On Highlights ( Notice friz?)
Looks great even on highlights. Another application 24 hours later and you will not see any highlights.

After Using Harvest Moon Light Brown (bye-bye friz)

R.M., Lancaster PA

Purchase Light Brown Henna Hair Dye ( we do sell out fast, but always restock)

Love My Henna Hair

It really looks great! I even did my eyebrows. Next, I am going to use the dark brown and see how it goes. But regardless, if I have to use the plain henna then the indigo to get jet black or the dark brown as a one-step I’m sold and will be ordering some more real soon, I just thank God it didn’t break me out. My sister and mother were amazed at the results, and it is extremely easy to use, so you have a customer for life. I just wanted to thank you for sending me the henna you DID send me, hopefully, the one package of the dark brown will be the ticket I really really love it, now all I need to do is a blog about it on Facebook, and I will.


After using black henna hair dye

D.B. Travelers Rest, SC

Light Brown Henna Hair Dye

I will not lie… I was afraid to use ANY more hair color. Chemicals have turned my head into a lifeless broom. So I started researching chemical-free hair dyes and came across Harvest Moon. I ordered light brown because I am used to having highlights and didn’t want to turn out too dark. The after picture shows the color just after rinsing and drying it and again after 24 hours. I was pretty amazed that it wasn’t all a solid shade. It had a lot of variation and depth.  There are still plenty of highlights and low lights now… It is a bit redder than I would like but understand that the true color can be determined after 24 hours. So if some of the red lessens I will be thrilled with the color. The application was simple enough and I left it on for 45 minutes. All of my grays are covered! So now I will record how long it takes for me to have to touch-up. (I only used a bit more than a half the packet for my hair.) I will surely buy this product again and do recommend it. Especially to those hoping to get away from the chemical abuse of traditional coloring products!

Karen Before Using natural brown

Karen's hair was natural after using Harvest Moon hair dye

Burgundy Over Bleached Highlights

I decided to try henna because I wanted to color my hair but my mom wouldn’t let me use chemicals. I was going for a darker color than the red in henna. I used burgundy. I wanted the color to be darker but was pleased with the overall effect. I will definitely be using Henna Hut again.

Deep red/brown mix using henna hair dye
Sunlight photo of before and after using burgundy on brown hair with blond highlights.

D.R. in San Marcos, TX

Brown Mixed with Cassia Obovata

I needed to cover up my gray hair but refused to use chemical hair color. I was very pleased with Henna Hut and their products. I used ‘brown’ henna color mixed with cassia obovata. All of my grays were colored and I loved that the color looks natural, right down to the sun streaks and shine. I will be using your company for many years to come.

Before using cassia obovata mixed with brown on hair


After using cassia obovata mixed with brown the difference is amazing!

R.R. in San Marcos, TX

Purchase Cassia Obovata and Brown

Brown Henna Hair Dye Review

Barbara after using brown henna hair dye

Brown Harvest Moon Henna Hair Dye Review

I want to say big thank you for the great product! I love the brown henna hair dye!
My hair story is a life-time struggle with all possible troubles with hair quality.

I wanted to dye my hair, so as always bought a regular chemical dye. But after years of chemical dyeing, my hair was weak and after each coloring, I had stronger hair loss. So I decided to make a change and tried to go “natural”.

I set to find info about henna. From many offers, I chose your company. I did not want my hair to be reddish (one of my friends uses it for red hair and she told me that henna always gives red shade!!) so I asked you by email if your henna can provide brown shade without any red hints. Your prompt answer was positive so I decided to try it and ordered brown.


Guys, the delivery was speedy. Thank you for the perfect service.
I was so eager to try it on that I did not even carry out the strand test (luckily the color result worked out OK for me though I know I should have done the test..). I managed to make the mixture and put the funny freshly-cut-grass smelling greenish stuff onto my hair wondering what is gonna happen. I left it on for one hour, then washed it off. I was wondering and a little afraid what is it gonna be like. It was brown with a kind of green hints. I went like: OK, no red, that is good but I do not want to go to work with greenish hair.
Then I could see a minute from the minute the color changing and after a while, it was perfectly brown. I did not wash my hair with shampoo for 48 hours as you advise. The color set perfectly and I love it!

Stronger Healthier Hair

My hair is significantly stronger, too. Everybody noticed. After years of problems with hair loss and thinning, hair people are praising my hair!
And for the first time after coloring my hair, I did not notice any hair loss either. Miracle!
So I wanted to say big thank you and give you a review on your brown henna hair dye!

Henna Hair Dye

Pure Henna Hair Dye Before and After

I’ve been trying to get a bright color without that horrible chemical, hair destroying dyes. I tried the pure henna hair dye and it definitely brightened it up. What a healthier, amazing color! I will definitely use Harvest Moon henna from now on and never back to the eco-unfriendly dyes out there. I was also excited to see how many colors you have, I change my color often. I’ll sure be back for sure!