Ash Brown Photos Before/After
Special Thanks to Rebecca, Chris and Susan for the fabulous pics of the natural ash brown hair and beard dye! We have very limited quantities left, so please only purchase what you need for now. More is on the way!
Chris was amazed how well he looked using henna hair dye

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I also wanted to say once again if you had a bad experience with the previous owner how sorry I am. You can still read the update of Infinite Earth taking over here: Press Release. If you never got a refund from the orders the previous owner did not ship, please let me know. I still have lot of people asking about those orders and many who missed the discount.

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  1. by Darlene Brown October 14, 2018 8:00 pm

    I was looking for a dye that will be safe to use on my hair. I bought this product with no expectations of what the end results will be. I purchased the Mahogany color. My hair is naturally black in color. The process was simple, this I loved. I applied the product according to the instructions. To my surprise there was no burning, no itching and no chemical odor. I rinsed the product according to the instructions. The color didn’t develop as shown on the picture . I’m happy to say for many years I was told I had color resistant gray. This product covered all my gray. My hair is soft and beautiful. I know eventually If I keep using this product it will reach my desired color. It is worth its weight in gold just for covering the gray and not stripping my hair. I will be a lifetime user. Thank you so much !!!!!!! Very Nice Product. I am a satisfied buyer.

    • by Harvest Moon October 14, 2018 8:49 pm

      Thank you Darlene! Any way you can give us a recommendation on Facebook? Also what color did you start with? If your hair was black, you will not see mahogany, it will just make your hair darker.
      The only way to reach a mahogany would be to naturally lighten your hair. Also with dark hair you can have fun with deep red or red red.

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