I am counting all the request this weekend. It seems we have quite a few signups for the Kickstart program and will make a formal announcement next week. I shipped out a record amount of orders this past week and had an overwhelming greeting with my return! I have never felt so much love!

I am adding a newsletter sign up soon and will start doing newsletters once a week or bi weekly. If you make sure you whitelist hennahut.com in your email. Because the previous owner had so many emails I am narrowing them down. I apologize for this, but it was just too much to keep up with.
For those overseas we have some exciting news! So, make sure to sign up for the newsletter!
Infinite Earth is growing, and we are running low on a lot of henna hair dye and natural beard dye, but more is shipping out on Monday. We are not out at this time but expect to run out next week. DO NOT panic! We will be getting more approximately by next Friday!
We will be adding Under eye cream, new soaps, some cool stuff to make doing henna hair dye much easier! On top of that you may have noticed the website is getting updated just about every day!
November, I plan on doing a contest that involves giving away $500.00 in money and gift cards. Each order will have a raffle ticket (1 ticket per pack of hair dye or product) and the drawing will be Mid December, in time to spend it on a gift or pamper yourself! Who does not like free money?

If anyone has questions, Harvest Moon Hair Dye Phone Number.

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  1. by Chandra Wingate October 18, 2018 3:09 pm

    Welcome back !!!

    Has the Aloe Vera shampoo been discontinued?
    Or will you have some available soon?
    It’s the best shampoo I’ve ever used and the conditioner smells wonderful
    I would like to stock up, if you get some in stock ?
    Thank You Have a Great Day ?

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