Dark Brown

We are expecting a new shipment of dark brown and brown this week. Thank you all for your patience. Our hair dye is certainly worth waiting for. All colors are in stock at this time. ...

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No Power Friday, August 23rd

Henna Hut lost all power on today. We are hoping to have iut back on later today. We did hear a loud explosion but we are still unsure of the reason. Maaking a note that the explosion was very loud it was more than likely from a transformer blowing up. If this is the case we might not get power back until the evening. This means any ordersd placed Th ...


FDA abuse

It really makes us mad when companies say their product is FDA approved. Hair products will never be FDA approved. They are not food or drugs! (Food and Drug Administration doh). Do not fall for it! We deal with the FDA monthly. They are great people looking after your well being (most of the time). ...


Organic abuse

It really makes us mad with all the companies that say their product is organic, yet cannot show you the proof. If they say it is organic, ask for the PLU code and USDA seal. Companies mislabeling items as organic that are not can result in $11,000.00 per item fine. ...


Laboratory Tested Henna

Many people are asking if we test our henna for PPD and if it is organic. What about other crops bleeding into henna crops? I hope below will help those understand how natural henna and indigo both are grown. FDA, DPA We do have laboratory tested henna, we just do not use a scare tactic to get you to buy ours. Ours is organic, we just are not allowed ...


Natural Shampoo

If you get our shampoo into your Salon, we will give you free shampoo for life, (averge life span of one bottle is 6 months) how cool is that?


Out of stock certain items

We are out of certain colors. If we are out of a item, just send us an email to [email protected] and let us know what it is you want that we are out of and we will issue you a free 49.00 VIP coupon.  We apologize as sometimes we grow faster than expected. This is due to a great product the works and works well. Thank you for your understandi ...

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Henna Myths

I wanted to share one of the biggest myth’s about Harvest Moon hair dye. Can I switch from henna back to chemical hair dye? People are worried they cannot go back to chemicals. Fact is you can. Most of you are allergic to chemicals so you will never want to go back, however the smaller percent might want to and we want you to know it is OK. ...

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