Shampoo Update!

I am counting all the request this weekend. It seems we have quite a few signups for the Kickstart program and will make a formal announcement next week. I shipped out a record amount of orders this past week and had an overwhelming greeting with my return! I have never felt so much love! I am adding a newsletter sign up soon and will start doi ...

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Best Henna Hair Dye Ever!

Today is the final day of the discount and boy did you guys use it!  Everyone saved about $5,000.00 in discounts!  Make sure you check our Facebook and blog for the latest updates. You can also sign up for our newsletter. We send out a few each month, we have a lot of new colors coming and we will be having some really fun contest! We are relying ...

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Shampoo Kick Start

I have had so many people ask about shampoos we are going to do a shampoo Kick Start program. This is how it works: Sign up if you are interested in purchasing shampoo here: KICK START Put in the subject line: Shampoo. Nothing more. In the message put put what kind and how many. Please keep in mind the shampoo is perishable after 12 months. Once I g ...

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Rod is Back and Getting it Done!

Today is August 3 rd , 2018. Just so everyone knows All is back in order as far as shipping: We are processing and shipping around the clock. If ordered by 4pm Eastern Mon – Friday it will go out the same day. Saturday by 12 noon it will go out the same day. Sundays we are processing, so it goes out Monday Morning. 🙂 🙂   Be We ...

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All MOONDYE, INC assets are owned by Infinite Earth. We took control of the assets on July 24th. The store has reopened and we are shipping orders and will be helping all of those who have not received orders. Please have patience, we will be back on track and organized as quickly as possible. If you have questions please contact us here ...

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New Natural Blond

Here is a sample of the new Harvest Moon® blond! Not only is a beautiful color but it is permanent and it is a awesome conditioner! Could you ever imagine getting blond from henna? We sure didn’t and it was a total accident when we discovered it. Yes you do see correctly, it is 2 shades! Ash blond and beach blond henna dye for hair . ...

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Healthy Hair Dye – New Release

Healthy Hair Dye Maker Harvest Moon® Launches Updated Website, Continues Educating Consumers on Benefits of Chemical-free Approach to Hair Coloring Largo, Florida 2018 – Harvest Moon® Healthy Hair Dye now has a modern, attractive web presence to complement its popular, all-natural line of hair and beard dye. The newly designed site is heavy on a ...

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Old henna new henna

Henna Hut has a new shipment of dyes in and some really great new products on the way! You asked we listened! When it comes to our pure henna, we suck the air out so much for freshness it makes it feel hard, when in fact it is still a powder. No need to mix and let it set out all night. Harvest Moon® by Henna Hut is ready as soon as you mix it. The sec ...

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Shampoo and Cancer?

Shampoo and cancer?? Heads up! We will have more of our all-natural shampoo very soon, hang in there. We are sad to say many shampoos have an ingredient called cocamide DEA in them. This comes from coconut oil and has been discovered it will cause cancer. The FDA and state of California passed a law to say that the shampoo has a cancer ingredient an ...

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New Sentless Lotion and Shampoo

We are excited to announce we have finally (after many many years of hard work) made a cream that is 100% fragrance free. 0 smell and we do mean 0! We are also working on a shampoo that is also cent free and has 0 smell. This has been a major, major victory! Expect to see it by years end! ...

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